I mentioned that Sandy’s story is like yours. The fact that she has hit a plateau is certainly something you can all relate to if you have ever tried to lose weight. It is inevitable that at some point during your weight loss program you hit that dreaded, frustrating, anger-inducing halt in your progress that we call the “plateau”…ugh! After chugging along while losing weight at a rate that even a bolt of lightning would find fast, Sandy is stuck for the moment at 152 pounds — just one pound less than the last time we caught up with her.

What do Sandy and her trainer, Anna, think the issue is? It seems that it is the combination of two things. One reason for the sudden stop in her weight loss is that Sandy fell victim to that nasty cold and flu virus that sentenced many of us to a week in bed.

Another factor that contributed to Sandy’s halt in her progress is that shortly after she was healthy again, she went on a vacation to the adult playground that is called Las Vegas, Nevada. Ah yes, the beautiful oasis desert of fun — but healthy fun? Not so much. Sandy needed a break, and I am sure that you can agree she deserved some fun and relaxation. There is a positive aspect to this recent pause in Sandy’s progress  — in spite of recent transgressions, Sandy did not gain any weight. In fact, she is completely confident in her ability to overcome this plateau, and she is not the slightest bit deterred from her goal.

“That scale can be my best friend or my worst enemy each time I weigh myself,” said Sandy.

But how can this be — the “plateau” is the nasty bottom-feeding, sturgeon-like motivation-sucker that crawls into your bed and tells you to sleep longer and not work out. The “plateau” is known to crawl onto your plate dragging with it fried cheese and pecan pie…isn’t it?

It’s true, hitting a wall in your progress can hinder motivation, and sends many people in reverse when it comes to their weight loss objective. But when things become the most difficult, you need to find a little bit of hope inside yourself to keep going, and finding hope in this situation is nothing compared to what Sandy has been through.

Sandy has tasted the success of substantial weight loss, a taste that she likes a whole lot better than any fried food or dessert. Sandy is right, weight loss is a mindset, and finding something constructive in every situation, good or bad, is something she and her personal trainer Anna do instinctively.

“Having to take a couple of days off due to illness will work positively toward overcoming a plateau for someone working as hard as Sandy has been working,” said Anna. “Rest and recovery is a major part of a healthy fitness program. Sandy feels like she’s hit a plateau, which is normal, as a healthy body acclimates to outside stress.”

Anna’s approach, for beating Sandy’s plateau, is to overhaul Sandy’s workouts and change not only the exercises, but the intensity and tempo of her workouts as well. One of the most dramatic changes is the introduction of interval running for her cardio instead of walking — something Sandy couldn’t do a few months ago when she was 30 pounds heavier.

When asked if her plateau would be a difficult challenge, Sandy’s response was simple and optimistic. “I can’t say it’s a challenge, I look at each day as a new adventure,” said Sandy.

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