Losing someone we love is quite possibly the most difficult thing that we have to go through in our lives. Dealing with such a loss may seem impossible to do…until you meet someone like Sandy Aker. Sandy, 55, recently lost her best friend, her soul mate and the love of her life to pancreatic cancer. Her husband Eddie passed in September. She could have shut-down emotionally and lost herself — and you couldn’t blame her — but Sandy did something amazing. Instead of falling down, she picked herself up and decided to continue being someone who loves and lives…hopes and smiles…dreams and inspires… because that is the person who Eddie loved.

Sandy is using the strength and support that Eddie gave her during his life to help her accomplish her goal of losing weight. Life’s obstacles made it difficult for Sandy to maintain any consistency with her diet and fitness over the past few years. She had to assist Eddie with his daily tasks as his condition worsened; eventually he even lost his sight. She also had the responsibility of the family business that she and her sister own and operate, which left her little time for things like sleep and exercise.

“Running a business, going to doctor’s appointments and helping another person every day leaves you little time for yourself,” said Sandy.

As time went by the stress, the lack of sleep and life’s daily grind took its toll and Sandy gained weight. By the time that she had decided to join LA Fitness and work with personal trainer Anna Barrio, Sandy weighed over 180 pounds—the most she had ever weighed.  So, what was the main culprit for Sandy’s weight gain?

“Lots of fast food, I didn’t realize how bad it was until now,” said Sandy. “Now I just try to make the best choices — lots of vegetables and salads, lean meat and healthy snacks.”

The healthy food choices are working, and so is a regular exercise schedule that has Sandy working her butt off…literally. Over the past four months Sandy has made progress in leaps and bounds, and now she weighs 153 pounds.  But she isn’t stopping there, over the next eight weeks she would like to get to her goal weight of 135 to 140 pounds. Her story is so uplifting, in light of what she has been through, that I decided to follow Sandy for the next two months to get updates about her progress, and share with you exactly how she is accomplishing such amazing results.

“This is a mindset,” said Sandy. “Once you make up your mind, you can do it. Exercising makes you feel so good — it wakes up your brain and heart — being fit is so wonderful. You can accomplish anything want to do…it is never too late”

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