Here are some great tips, from Personal Trainer Brandon Widner, that will help you have fun and stay fit while you see the world.

1. Do vacation themed exercises

-Instead of dreading your workout, or using your vacation as a way to “vacation from your exercise,” make your workouts a part of your travel experience. For example, the sand is a great type of controlled unstable surface for squats and lunges; break a sweat and work on your muscles and your tan at the same time.

2. Be a participator, not a spectator, on your next vacation

-Don’t be passive; find activities and events to participate in while you vacation—register for an event like a 5k, marathon, or an Over-The-Line tournament. Make arrangements for activities, such as hikes and bike tours, before you get to your destination. Not only will you stay active, but these are great ways to see and experience the places you visit.

3. Book your accommodations at a hotel that has an on-site gym or LA Fitness within walking distance

-The amenity of a simple on-site gym is all you need to maintain your current muscle development and/or weight loss. In many areas of the country there are LA Fitness clubs located nearby; check our club locator to see if there is a club to visit on your next trip.

4. Pack – a.) snacks

b.) bands

a. – Without the luxury of your pantry in the next room, you may miss-out on meals throughout the day. So pack some snacks, to keep your energy up, during long days of touring travel destinations.

b. – Resistance bands and tubes are easy to pack, light-weight and very durable; they offer plenty of exercise options during your vacation whether you have a gym nearby or not.

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