I am currently doing fitness training with an LA Fitness personal trainer and things are going very well! MY trainer is GREAT! I just have a few questions when it comes to nutrition.

1.  If you’re doing fitness training 3 days per week, how many calories per day should I be taking in to get the full benefit with my training?  Is there a certain diet to follow?

2.  Are there certain foods that have to be eliminated altogether? Is it okay to have a few pieces of bread lightly buttered? – Stephanie



1.)  There is no one particular diet you must follow. Calorie consumption needs depend on your gender, age, height, weight and other activity level. Simply eat regular healthy, balanced, wholesome meals to support your workouts.

2.)   If there are foods you love, they can be included in a healthy eating plan. You’d do best to avoid pure junk food (fried corn puffs, candy, soda etc.) though. If bread is your thing, choose whole grain and keep slices small, and without other starches at the same meal.

– Debbie J., MS, RD

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