It seems that every year we coast into Thanksgiving weekend, only to be launched into the new year as the holidays wreak havoc on our fitness programs. We often forget that our commitments to attend dinners with friends and family, work parties and school activities pack our calendars and impact our free time during the holiday season. If you are not prepared, then you will likely get buried under a winter storm of obligations that consumes your time and extends your waistline. Now is the time to make sure that you dial-in your fitness efforts and create healthy habits.  TODAY is the day that you need to go to the gym, and TODAY you need to create your HOLIDAY WORKOUT SCHEDULE. Creating good habits and putting in extra time and effort NOW, is essential for making it through the busiest time of the year.

CREATE YOUR PLAN  TODAY. Here are some TOP TIPS to help you schedule and prepare a fitness plan to get you through the holidays this year.

GO TO THE GYM TODAY – The first couple weeks are the hardest on your body and your time, but after that you will have created a habit of going to the gym. Also, your body will begin to adapt to the increased amount of exercise that you are doing. So even though you are working harder, you won’t necessarily feel as sore after working out.

Schedule Through the New Year – Plan as best as you can to schedule your workouts for the rest of the year, not just the next week or month. You will probably have to make some adjustments, but by putting your workouts in your calendar you are making it a priority. If you have to miss a day, you can prepare by…(go to the next tip)

Scheduling extra workouts or bonus days – Extra workouts give you a buffer on the days that your workouts are compromised. If you are able to make your regularly scheduled workouts as well as your extra workouts, then consider your fitness results an additional gift that you gave to yourself this year!

Become an Early Morning Warrior – Are you a morning person? Me neither, but I have yet to be invited to an early morning holiday party. Your evenings may be too demanding to schedule anything consistent when it comes to working out. If your health and fitness is important to you—and since you’re reading this it probably is—then make the effort to wake up early. At the very least, since misery loves company you can find some satisfaction in knowing that I too will be whining and complaining each morning as I wake up (while it is still dark out) to get my workout in. 🙂

Start Your Resolution TODAY –If you’re waiting for the ball to drop on New Year’s Eve, you’re dropping the ball on valuable time that could be spent developing healthy habits and making significant progress toward a fitter you. Get up and get moving today so you can feel amazing about your accomplishments, and be a step ahead by the time the New Year rolls around.

GO TO THE GYM TODAY!…Seriously this is the end of the article,  so go to the gym now. 🙂

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