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Does Love Really Affect the Heart?

We all know love makes our hearts feel happier, but does love actually affect our hearts in a physiological aspect? We explore this topic deeper.

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The 8 Best Foods for Your Heart 

Vegetarians, omnivores and paleo-lovers alike can all protect their hearts by including suitable heart healthy foods from the following list more often.

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Life with ALS – Podcast Ep. 17

Lynne Nieto, wife of Augie Nieto, and co-founder of Augie’s Quest, joins us in studio to discuss what ALS is and how you can help in finding a cure.


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Grilled Fish Tacos from Puesto

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Puesto's Executive Chef, Katy Smith, shares her recipe for Grilled Fish Tacos with Melon Salsa. Make this light and flavorful recipe at home tonight!

Member Spotlight | Let’s HIIT It!

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LA Fitness member, Ed. B. shares the success he has found in training with HIIT by LAF. His knee issues have lessened, and his posture and flexibility have improved too! Read his story to learn more.

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