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Member Spotlight | It’s Worth It

LA Fitness member, Ashley L. shares her advice on moving forward and the difference a year can make when it comes to health and fitness.

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Gaining More Muscle and Less Belly

Belly fat cannot be ‘targeted’ per se, but the type of fat around your midsection should respond to some nutritional tweaks given the right exercise.

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Does the Body Burn More Calories in the Cold?

Cold weather is not the sole deciding factor dictating whether or not our bodies go into calorie-burning mode. Thermogenesis, however, is and this is how it works.


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 How to Lower Body Fat Percentage

LA Fitness, LA Fitness Living Healthy, Living Healthy, Ask Our Dietitian, nutrition advice, how to lower body fat percentage, lowering weight, body fat, losing weight, weight loss advice
 The calories you need to lose weight depends on your age and metabolism. The most accurate body fat percentage value is obtained from repeating measurement for a few days.

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