11 Ways to Make Working Out More Fun

11 Ways to Make Working Out More Fun

Working out doesn’t have to feel like a chore! It’s true – you just have to find the right type of workout for YOU. We are all unique, which means our workouts should be too. Find what makes you happy and embrace it, so you can have fun while burning those pesky calories and feel good while you’re doing it!

1. Pick A Moving Buddy – As simple as this may seem, many people lack the companionship of a friend, spouse, or partner when it comes to working out. Having a workout buddy makes the routine much more fun and enjoyable, and statistics have shown that individuals who work out with a partner have a higher probability of reaching their personal fitness goals.1

Read more about the benefits of having a workout buddy here.

2. Try Something New – Remember when you were young and your mom would say, ‘How do you know you don’t like it, if you don’t try it?’ Get creative and try something different! Why not attempt a Zumba®, Aqua Fit or Group Fitness class? At LA Fitness, there are over 20 different types of Group Fitness classes offered*, so don’t limit yourself to just one – try them all!

Find available classes and locations here.

* Classes and amenities vary by location.

3. Be a Kid Again – Take a moment to think back… back to the days when it was all play. There was no such thing as “working out” – it was called having fun! How about challenging your friends to a game of H-O-R-S-E on the LA Fitness indoor basketball courts? It’s a perfect way to stay cool, while avoiding the hot sun. If you’re not a fan of basketball, try your hand at some indoor racquetball* for a thrilling, fast-paced game with friends.

*Classes and amenities vary by location.

Do you feel like taking the workout outdoors? Dust off the old rollerblades, go ice skating, or throw a ball around, and embrace your inner child! All in the name of (fitness) fun.


Did You Know?

30 minutes of playing competitive basketball can burn between approx. 285-575 calories.2

30 minutes of playing competitive racquetball can burn between approx. 360-955 calories.3

30 minutes of ice skating can burn approx. 250 calories.4

4. Turn It into a Game – Get in some easy cardio by engaging in fun activities like group scavenger hunts, “fun” runs, LA Fitness Club Leagues or a race to see who can hit the most miles on the treadmill in the shortest amount of time.

Join an LA Fitness Club League today!

5. Fitness Apps – Have you downloaded the LA Fitness mobile app yet? If not, download it here for quick access to club locations, Group Fitness class schedules, court and bike reservations, Pro Results® Personal Training and much more! While you’re at it, search the mobile app market to find some fitness applications that do everything from helping track your heartrate, to measuring nutrition intake. Some even offer rewards for staying active!

If you’re looking for a more fun and interactive app, some act as fitness games and interact with the way you move. This may help you track progress and encourage you to get healthier, while still having fun.

6. Treat Yourself – If you complete your exercise for the day, give yourself a little reward. Maybe a fresh bowl of berries will do the trick, or a cup full of popcorn. However, be careful not to overindulge in anything too extreme that will counteract your hard work out.

7. Shake It Off – Move! Shake! Twist! Dance! Try Hip Hop, Kickbox Cardio, Latin Heat or Zumba® to get your cardio in, all while having fun in a laid-back fashion. It’s slimming made simple, as you dance your way into shape and feed off the high energy of those around you. Read more about what these dance-oriented LA Fitness Group Fitness lasses consist of here.

8. Distract Yourself – Watch your favorite movie or television show while exercising on a bike, elliptical, stairs, treadmill, etc. If you’d rather not be tied to a screen, try listening to an audiobook or podcast. You will be amazed at how much this can help distract from the fact that you’re working out.

9. Train for Something You’re Excited About – Maybe you want to be in better shape for a bike tour across wine country, or perhaps you want to get ready to conquer hiking the trail to Machu Picchu. Training for an event can help you stay excited and focused on your goals. Think of something that excites you, and use it as your motivation to stay focused.

10. Do Something Good for Someone Else – Sign up for a neighborhood cleanup, help paint homes in surrounding communities, assist a friend in achieving their fitness goal, or join a volunteer organization to help those in need. Not only are you participating in a great cause, but you’re staying active all while helping others in both positive and life-changing ways.

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”

Booker T. Washington

American educator, author, orator, and advisor to presidents of the United States

11. Sometimes the Right Music Can Make or Break You – Do you ever find yourself rocking out to your favorite song while sitting in traffic? Try creating a fun playlist, featuring your favorite mixes to help make your workout more enjoyable.

Comment below with how YOU make exercising fun!


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Member Spotlight | Mini and Mighty

Member Spotlight | Mini and Mighty

“Everyone starts somewhere. It is important to do your personal best and not let your size, age, or anything that may appear as a barrier stop you from achieving your goals.”

Rachel M.

LA Fitness Member

Mini and Mighty

It’s said that some of the best things in life come in small packages – and that describes Rachel M. perfectly. Known by her friends and family as “Mighty Mouse,” this 4’9” powerhouse has become an inspiration to fellow LA Fitness members in her hometown of Valencia, CA. However, she wasn’t always this way.

Growing up, Rachel suffered from multiple health complications that caused her to dread physical activity. She didn’t enjoy P.E. and ended up on teams by default; oftentimes being the last one “picked” for team events. It would usually take Rachel 10 minutes to run a mile, with breaks in between to stop and use her inhaler. She reflected back on a moment she will never forget, when one of her coaches had to give her a piggyback ride because she could not complete the run on her own. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of a series of troubling events Rachel faced.

Next thing she knew, Rachel was hospitalized in the ICU with severe pneumonia. While she was admitted, she was told that she was pre-diabetic and had hyperlipidemia. Rachel had previously undergone cataract surgery and suffered from retinal detachment and spondylolisthesis – all at a young age. She knew she had to do something to change the harmful direction her health had taken.




Small Changes, Big Results

Both of Rachel’s parents were members of LA Fitness and were constantly trying to persuade her to join them at the gym. But working out felt like work at the time, which made Rachel skeptical about giving it a go. However, she was determined not to rely on daily medication while only in her 20s, so she joined her mom for a cycle class.

In that first class, she could not last five minutes without having to use her inhaler. However, as she continued with cycling, she became stronger and stronger with each class, until she could complete a full class. As time went by, working out and focusing on health and fitness became her new passion.   This had great results, as she was slowly taken off all of her medications.

She credits being a member of LA Fitness as a huge part of her fitness journey. She would tell herself, “You’re stronger than you think,” “You could do anything for a minute”, and “You’ve got this.” She shared that fellow LA Fitness members would encourage her, and believed in her so much, that she began to believe in herself.

A Closer Look at Labels 

Along with working out, Rachel started paying close attention to food labels and ingredients. Now she incorporates proteins (chicken, ground turkey, egg whites, lean ground beef), carbs (sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa), healthy fats (nuts, olive oil, avocado, coconut oil), and greens into most of her meals. She enjoys snacking on nuts, veggies with hummus, and brown rice cakes with almond butter. Rachel enjoys foods that have minimal ingredients, and she tries to stay away from processed foods, or foods with additives and colors.

Where is Rachel now? 

Rachel hopes to inspire others through fitness and enjoys meeting people at the gym who share goals similar to hers. She continues to strive for her personal best, by increasing her rep counts, developing better endurance and lifting heavier than before. Her focus on fitness is inspired by her goal to stay out of the hospital, off medication, and to be living proof of Shakespeare’s quote, “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

“Don’t compare yourself to others. You’re as strong as you think. Celebrate baby steps. Progress is progress. Believe in yourself. Believe in others such that they believe in themselves. Empower. See someone that inspires you? Let them know. Pay it forward.”

Rachel M.

LA Fitness Member

Results will vary. Rachel M.’s story reflects an exceptional result, which does not apply to the average person, and is not representative of or a guarantee that you or anyone else will achieve the same or similar results. Do not attempt to change your diet, fitness routine, or any other activity related to your health without first obtaining the advice of a medical professional.

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Power Your Way Towards a Stronger Today

Power Your Way Towards a Stronger Today

“Power Circuit has changed not only my own fitness level as an instructor, but I’ve seen it affect many members who attend my classes. I have witnessed the benefits in changes to my physique, and most definitely my endurance level. Because of Power Circuit, I’m able to take my other classes to a greater intensity.”

Joanna M.

Aerobics Coordinator , LA Fitness

Are you short on time? Get results fast in LA Fitness’ Power Circuit! Power Circuit is a high intensity Group Fitness class offered exclusively at LA Fitness. It consists of highly concentrated quick circuit intervals that challenge your aerobic threshold, while integrated weight lifting helps build bone mass. Power Circuit is a class designed for most age groups, with the ability to modify moves, based on your body’s preferences.

When you take Power Circuit, you can expect to have a high intensity aerobic exercise matched with a short recovery period. The overall or total quick sets last usually about 4 minutes in duration. These quick sets may consist of body squats, step exercises, planks, pushups or use of the step platform. The non-choreographed structure is what keeps the class exciting! Usually, the class ends with ab targeted exercises, aiding in toning your mid-section; which helps leave you feeling stronger, longer.

Power Circuit classes are fresh and creative. The un-choreographed structure helps keep things feeling new and interesting from class-to-class. Lightweights are incorporated into routines, helping to intensify the sculpting of your body. It may seem like a simple workout – but don’t let the lightweights fool you. The high rep count makes the weight of the dumbbells felt fast. The instructor will often times adjust the class based on each individual’s capabilities. For example, an instructor may adjust the number of sets for a particular move if they deem it necessary for the class.

Power Circuit is far from easy – and after just one session you may see how satisfying of a workout it really is for you. It’s a challenging, yet well-worth-it, full- body workout. So, are you up for the challenge?

I asked Power Circuit Instructor, Joanna M., to share her thoughts on why members should choose Power Circuit over other aerobic options offered. This is what she had to say:

JM: In my mind, Power Circuit is a type of catalyst; a place where increased fitness levels take place, changing the dynamics of every other class one may attend. Everything increases in intensity, when the adrenaline hits!

Q: What do you think sets Power Circuit apart from other Group Fitness classes?

JM: Power Circuit is unique due to the cardio quick sets, along with the elevated balance challenges interwoven throughout the workout.

Advice for Beginners:

  1. Observe carefully what the instructor does.
  2. Let your instructor know if you are new to the class/workout.
  3. Listen to your body. It is OK to modify.

Find a Power Circuit Class Near You

Let LA Fitness help you along your fitness journey by trying a Power Circuit class today! And download our mobile app for full access to class schedules and plenty of other helpful information.

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Commit to Fit | Mother’s Day Edition

Commit to Fit | Mother’s Day Edition



Goals, Commitments, Community

Welcome to a very special edition of our Commit to Fit – Mom Edition! These incredible moms manage to make the time to get to the gym & stay dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Mother’s Day Club Hours will remain the same.

Tips to Help Quit Unhealthy Snacking Habits

Tips to Help Quit Unhealthy Snacking Habits

Having trouble breaking that midday unhealthy snacking routine? Find out some tricks that may help break the vicious cycle!

Uh oh… it’s that time of day again. You know, that hour when you are suddenly feeling tired, unfocused, and ready for that afternoon pick-me-up. I refer to it as the Midday Monster; that little hunger feeling that creeps up and causes us to crave something tasty. The trouble is, usually that midday snack is an unhealthy one. We tend to gravitate towards something sweet, caffeinated, or carb-loaded. This is because those “feel-good” foods and drinks, typically do just that – they make us feel good. Food and drinks high in sugar can cause the dopamine levels, or the “feel-good” hormones, in our brains to rise.1 Unfortunately, the old idiom too much of a good thing, rings all too true.

Overindulgence, whether it be a midday snack or a late night one, can be harmful to our bodies. Nevertheless, quitting cold turkey is easier said than done. Old habits are hard to kick, but the key to remember is that there are ways to change poor snacking habits. It’s a process that begins with baby steps. Before reaching for that bag of chips, or sweets, take a moment to ask yourself, ”Am I really hungry?“ A lot of the time we snack out of boredom or stress. Try drinking some water and see if that helps. Oftentimes, hunger can be confused with dehydration.2 Save yourself the unneeded calories and drink some refreshing H20.

Still feeling hungry? Rid yourself of unhealthy temptations by keeping only healthy snacks close by. The key is to find foods to snack on that are high in fiber, which may keep you feeling fuller, longer.3 A few of these healthier options include: hummus and veggies, almonds, cereal bars, and raspberries. Or, grab a snack that helps boost metabolism and burn fat. Some examples of these fat-burning foods include: apples, avocados and cottage cheese, or canned tuna on whole-wheat crackers.4 If you’re looking for a healthy alternative for your go-to calorie-filled lattes, try some minty green iced tea.

Another source of unhealthy snacking can be caused from skipping your morning breakfast.5 If you starve yourself in the morning, you typically have greater odds of overindulging later on in the day. Make sure you make time for breakfast, and save yourself later on.

Another interesting tactic to consider is brushing and/or flossing your teeth after eating, which helps reduce the temptation to eat.6  Once your teeth are clean, you’ll be less likely to grab something to snack on, in order to avoid brushing again.

In addition, it is helpful to meal plan. LA Fitness registered dietitian, Debbie J., RDN says, “Having a blueprint to follow for your week’s meals will help keep you eating regularly and on track, thus prevent you from skipping meals, so you’ll be less likely to snack.” Make things easier on yourself by preparing a few healthy snacks the night before. This way, you’re not tempted to grab for something unhealthy when you’re feeling stressed, tired, or on-the-go.

Check out one of our more recent Q+A’s from LA Fitness’ registered dietitian, Debbie J., MS, RDN, where she helps answer What Are Good Substitutions for Sugary and Salty Snacks? If you have a nutrition question of your own, please share it with us by submitting a question here, and your answer may be featured in a future post.


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