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5 Things That Can Destroy Your Weight Loss Efforts


LA Fitness Renovates, Celebrates and Donates


The 5K Club Training Program – Train to Run Faster

Compliment your Lifestyle…


First Steps From his Wheelchair Lead to a Victory in Cycling Class

Joel gets out of his wheelchair and into a cycling class


1 Mile, 4 Years and 3 Lives…Saved

3 swimmers story Main photo 2

Watch this inspiring story of a son, his wife and their father. Three lives bonded by family, love and the will to swim through life together…one mile, one day, at a time.

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His Resolution…Walk Again—Joel’s REAL STORY

Joel Tamraz LA fitness - cover photo (2)

After being bound to a wheelchair for 22 years, Joel is taking his first steps to get out of it.

The Accident…


15 REAL STORIES of Fitness and Weight Loss in 2013

memberstory-collage (more…)

Life Through Fitness, Kira’s REAL STORY ‘Portrait of a Mother’

On March 12, 2013 Kira Martin went into labor with her fifth child; she had a boy, Lucas. After his birth, however, she experienced severe complications and almost died. In “Portrait of a Mother,” Kira recounts the terrifying 10 hours that followed and explains how fitness may have saved her life. This is her story. This is her second chance.

After Losing Almost 100 Pounds, Karrie’s Next Challenges – A 10K and Half Marathon

Karrie and Hannah getting ready to race

Even though she had lost almost 100 pounds, Karrie wasn’t entirely serious when she said, “Maybe one day I’ll run a marathon.” Well, she didn’t think she was being serious anyway. Immediately after making this statement people began telling her that she should do it. In fact, everyone who knew her believed she could do it…but Karrie had never ran in any such race. A year ago she couldn’t even run one mile let alone consider running 26.2. She was flattered by the confidence that people had in her, but Karrie had her doubts.


Chrissy Loses 49 Pounds in Spite of Injury; Gets the ‘Okay’ to Get Back in the Gym

Chrissy back in action at LA Fitness Read the rest of this entry

Back on Course After Knee and Hip Surgery – Clay’s Story Continues to Inspire

LA Fitness member Clay back on the Golf course


“I am doing more physical activities than I have in years… and I am doing them better,” Clay said.

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Clay’s ‘Hip’ Recovery; Getting Back on Track

Clay stretching out his hip at LA Fitness

Read the rest of this entry

237 to 147 Pounds and 3.1 Miles Later, Karrie Runs Her First 5K Race


In what may have been one of the greatest accomplishments in 5K history Read the rest of this entry

She Tried it all and Nothing Worked…Until Now! Karrie’s Secret to Losing 90 Pounds

karrie-before-after Read the rest of this entry

93 and Swimming Everyday, A Must Watch REAL STORY

Bill swims seven days a week at LA Fitness at the age of 93.  He uses the exercise as an outlet and a way to stay active in spite of some physical limitations. His dedication is just one thing we can learn from a man who has lived such a full life. Watch his inspiring story today!

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Check It Out! REAL STORIES Heads to Baltimore for an Incredible Weight Loss and Race Story!

Check It Out! REAL STORIES Heads to Baltimore for an Incredible Weight Loss and Race Story!

Before she began losing weight, the idea of running a 5K race never crossed Karrie’s mind any more than she thought about flying a rocket ship to the moon.  At 5‘4” and 237 pounds, endurance races were not a realistic thing to do.

But things can change…

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A Shattered Knee Couldn’t Stop Chrissy from Losing Weight and Surpassing Her Goal

Chrissy's daughter Camryn rests against her mom's Surgically repaired knee outside of LA FitnessJust before her dirt-biking accident, which landed Chrissy in the hospital for major surgery on her knee, she was 12 pounds away from hitting her weight loss goal. Her determination was unwavering, and today Chrissy is back in the gym on a restricted exercise program. Oh yeah, and she has already surpassed her goal by three pounds.

“My goal was to weigh 130 pounds,” Chrissy said. “Last time I checked I was 127!”

So how did she do it?

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Her Goal was to Lose 100 Pounds, So Shannon Gave 110 Percent

Shannon Getting it done losing 110 pounds at LA Fitness

Shannon actually surpassed her goal and lost 110 pounds! When we last caught up with Shannon, she was struggling not to plateau and decided to quit drinking diet sodas as a way to curb her late-night cravings and snacking. She felt that the diet sodas she was drinking, which had no calories, were causing her to crave sweet and sugary foods. Read the rest of this entry

How ‘Philadelphia’ Joe Took Control of Diabetes with Health and Fitness

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From a Size 18 to a Size 10, Happy Birthday to Mary!

Mary-Collage-Training at LA Fitness San Antonio

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Competing at the Arnold Sports Festival, Denita’s Big Day Arrives!

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Were you in Better Shape when you were Young? Get back into Sports, and Get back into Shape!

Join a fun and fit time with an LA Fitness Volleyball Racquetball or Basketball League

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How Mary’s 38 Lb. Weight Loss Led to Incredible Health Benefits

LA Fitness Member Mary Before and After Losing 38 pounds

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13.1 Miles Away and 6 Pounds to Go, Joey’s Goals Meet the Flu Season

Workers clean the sign used at the Start of the Carlsbad Half Marathon Read the rest of this entry

George Gervin ‘Finger Rolls’ in for the Grand Opening in San Antonio and the Next REAL STORY

George Iceman Gervin LA Fitness San Antonio Loop Grand Opening Read the rest of this entry

Falcons Cheerleader Denita Trains for National Bikini Physique Competition

Denita flexes at LA Fitness-2 Read the rest of this entry

Exercise Your Options to Reach Your Goal

Exercise-Your-Options-Blog-Header Read the rest of this entry

It all Started with Molding Clay – LIVING HEALTHY’s First Anniversary

Clay is still going strong as he works out at LA Fitness in San Marcos Read the rest of this entry

Personal Trainer and Colts’ Cheerleader, Crystal, Helps Client Lose 91 Pounds

aa Read the rest of this entry

The Penny Picker, A Super Simple and Secret Exercise to Define your Legs

A hand full of Pennies can equal toned legs at LA Fitness Read the rest of this entry

REAL STORIES Countdown to 2013

Happy New Year from Living Healthy and REAL STORIES Read the rest of this entry

Dealing with a Major Setback – Chrissy Breaks Her Leg

LA Fitness Member Chrissy takes off her leg brace to reveal the scars from her surgery after breaking her leg Read the rest of this entry

Take a Ride on the Resolution Railroad

the LA Fitness Resolution Railroad Read the rest of this entry

Game Day in the Life with an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader

Altanta Falcons Cheerleader Denita and her team practicing before the game - 2

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How Joey Lost 11 Inches in Her Waist!

Joey is rnning Full Steam Toward her weight loss goal

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Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader Shaves Her Head to Help Fight Cancer

Indianapolis Colts cheerleader Crystal shaves head for fight against cancer

Indianapolis Colts cheerleader Crystal can personally relate to Colts head coach Chuck Pagano’s battle with leukemia; as a child she fought and eventually beat the disease. So, when a fellow cheerleader, Megan, said she was going to shave her head to show support for Coach Pagano and raise money to help find a cure for cancer, Crystal decided to join her.

It was a gesture that caught the hearts and attention of the entire nation. Video clips of Crystal and Megan donning their shaved heads while cheering-on the Indianapolis Colts has been highlighted numerous times on multiple news and sports shows.

Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders pose with newly shaved heads

“We were both surprised how big this got. We weren’t expecting so much media attention,” said Crystal. “Megan and I helped raise over $22,000 for cancer research in honor of Coach Pagano by shaving our heads. Her (Megan’s) support, my squad and the community has made the meaning of this experience so unforgettable.”

Crystal has also received an overwhelming response via Twitter, Facebook, email and in person.

“I’ve heard stories that have touched my heart and I appreciate knowing that this has meant so much to so many people,” said Crystal. “From my personal experience (with leukemia), this has all meant so much to me.”

You might think that to a cheerleader the idea of shaving their head would be terrifying, but Crystal’s life has given her a different outlook.

“I have been bald before so I wasn’t scared of not having hair,” said Crystal. “It’s actually faster for me to get ready now and my head (feels like it) has more senses. For example, I can feel the cold more, especially in this weather, and my head appreciates my pillow more (laughs)!”

In addition to being a Colt’s cheerleader, Crystal is a personal trainer at LA Fitness. When she went to work after shaving her head on national television the reaction from her clients moved her in a way that she never expected.

“The biggest impact on me was from a couple that I train at LA Fitness,” said Crystal. “They gave me a small jewelry box and inside of it was a breast cancer pin. The pin was from his mother who battled breast cancer for 25 years and passed away. He said that she would have appreciated what we’ve done and that she would have wanted to give it to me.”

Crystal and Megan both donated their hair to Locks of Love, an organization that makes natural hair wigs for those who are battling cancer and as a result have lost their hair.

Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders pony tails that were donated to Locks of Love

For more information about Crystal’s efforts to help find a cure for cancer you can follow her via Twitter at @Crystal_Anne_B.

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Weight Loss, Workouts, Marathons…Marriage? – A REAL STORIES Fairy Tale

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Making the Cut to Become an Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader

Read the rest of this entry

Photos and a Special Message from Nicole to All of You

Read the rest of this entry

Brandon Widner Recognized as North County Times 2012 Reader’s Choice Personal Trainer

Read the rest of this entry

Is your Schedule Jam-Packed? Workout Strategies for a Busy Lifestyle

Read the rest of this entry

How Crystal Fought Cancer and Now Lives a Life of ‘Cheer’

Read the rest of this entry

How Roy Lowered His Blood Pressure Through Fitness with 3 Simple Steps

Like many people, small business owner Roy Amor, 59, watched his blood pressure rise as his sales decreased during the recent recession.  Though he could not control the state of the economy, Roy read an article that gave him confidence that he could control his blood pressure and his health. He decided he needed a more dedicated approach to his health and fitness to get his health back on track. So, Roy made 3 simple changes to his lifestyle; changes that he attributes to lowering his high blood pressure to a now healthy level. To find out the 3 healthy lifestyle changes that Roy made, simply click the play button on the player above.

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This article should not replace any exercise program or restrictions, any dietary supplements or restrictions, or any other medical recommendations from your primary care physician. Before starting any exercise program or diet, make sure it is approved by your primary care physician.

Team Nicole STEPS OUT in Portland to Help Stop Diabetes

Read the rest of this entry

Lori Shares the Toughest Part of Her Weight Loss Journey so Far: The Setback

Read the rest of this entry

Fall Expectations, 69 Lbs. Down and 25 to Go

Read the rest of this entry

Nicole’s Recent Health Scare

Read the rest of this entry

College, Kids and Weight Loss

Read the rest of this entry

Nicole Shares Her Secret to Losing Weight

Read the rest of this entry

LA Fitness Pops Up in Allen Park, Lori’s Weight Goes Down

Read the rest of this entry

4 Things That Can Make or Break Any Fitness Goal

Read the rest of this entry

Hiking and Cupcakes

Read the rest of this entry

8 Tips for Balancing Back to School Schedules and Fitness

Read the rest of this entry

How Chrissy is Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Read the rest of this entry

100 Pounds to Lose – Real Stories Lands in Detroit

Read the rest of this entry

70 lbs. Lost and Counting – Real Stories Heads to Hockeytown

Read the rest of this entry

How Nicole Lost 28 pounds…No More Excuses!

Read the rest of this entry

Emotional, Exhausting and Exhilarating – The Half Marathon (Part II)

Read the rest of this entry

Pre Race Jitters and Preparation – The Half Marathon (Part I)

Read the rest of this entry

From Frightened to Fit – Nicole’s Type 1 Diabetes Story

Read the rest of this entry

Over Trained and Under Rested – The Burnout Factor

Read the rest of this entry

Hypothyroidism and Type 1 Diabetes Cannot Stop Nicole from Accomplishing…Anything!

Read the rest of this entry

They’re Going the Distance, They’re Going for…Fitness

Say what…If it is just half of a marathon, then how come it is still so far to run? Read the rest of this entry

Yes You Can…Lose the Weight You Gained While Pregnant!

Read the rest of this entry

Real Results – Katie and Justin Before…Now…the Future!

Real Stories Next Stop, The Evergreen State

Read the rest of this entry

Sandy’s Triumph – Love and Weight Loss

Her story is a heart-touching tale of the human spirit. Sandy suffered a great loss with the passing of Eddie, her husband and best friend, but their philosophy of living, loving and laughing has endured. Sandy uses the strength from the life they had together to continue to be the best she can be every day. Her journey of weight loss is evidence of her power to overcome life’s obstacles. Please enjoy and share this video about Sandy Aker that is certain to inspire you, your friends and family to LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH.

We are honored to have had the opportunity to meet Sandy and share her Real Story with you, and we will be sure to check in with her to give you updates as she continues her journey. Living Healthy is heading north for our next segment of Real Stories, so be sure to FOLLOW US by signing up for email updates!

Yay a Camera! Jenn Shares her Story of Losing 45 Pounds

Jenn is no longer afraid of cameras, and she is proud of the images that she sees of herself. What better way to close this chapter of her journey than with a video segment featuring Jenn on camera?

Click the play button on the video below!                              For HD click the top right corner!

Next week we check in with Clay to update you about his latest and greatest accomplishments, and we also have some more great Top Tips to share with you too! Follow us by signing up for email updates so you don’t miss out!

The Weight Loss Team – Sandy and Anna

Read the rest of this entry

Lose More Weight and Climb to New Heights

Read the rest of this entry

Sandy Runs a 5K Race and Leaves her Plateau in the Dust

With some additional encouragement from her family, Sandy decided to train for a 5K run — 3.1 miles — to help her advance her fitness goal and defeat that pesky weight loss plateau. Of course it took some extra convincing from her niece, but Sandy understands that this challenge comes with great rewards and feelings of achievement.

It’s nice to have my family behind me,” said Sandy. “And yes, my niece really did talk me into it (participating in the 5K).”

The payoff was sweet! Sandy crossed the finish line and left her plateau in the dust — she now weighs 148 pounds! Last time we caught up with Sandy she had run into the dreaded “plateau,” and she was stuck at 152 pounds.

“It did move me to the next goal,” said Sandy about training for and running a 5K. “I finally got below 150 (pounds).”

Read the rest of this entry

How Running in a 5K Race can Help you Lose Weight

Read the rest of this entry

Losing Weight with a Hectic Schedule…Jenn’s Secret to Success

Read the rest of this entry

Oh no, ‘Plateau’ – The Dreaded Word of Weight Loss

Read the rest of this entry

Southern Fried Travel Temptations…Can Make Weight Loss Difficult

Read the rest of this entry


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