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How can I increase my strength and endurance, while keeping muscle and burning fat?

ask our dietitian your question todayLose body fat and define your muscles at LA Fitness


How do you know if you have gained muscle and not fat?

ask our dietitian your question todayyou know if you gained muscle or fat by your stomach


Burn More Calories and Work More Muscles with These Medicine Ball Exercises


Medicine Ball Exercises 101 – Multi-Movement Exercises

It’s impossible to miss them. You know, medicine balls, those bright colored balls with numbers on them. Though you have seen them in the gym for as long as you can remember, you’re not quite sure what to do with them, or how to use them, rather.


Which “cleanse” is the best?

ask our dietitian your question todaythe best diet cleanse


Is it better to use a food scale or measuring Cups when measuring my food to help me lose weight?

ask our dietitian your question todayfood scale versus measuring cups


How should I eat to lose body fat and get more muscle definition?

ask our dietitian your question todaymuscle definition comes with Living  Healthy and LA Fitness


Get Back to the Basics for a Tight and Toned Body (Part 1 – Walking / Running)

LA Fitness Member Nikki runs outside for her cardio on a sunny day

Tips and Exercises to get you Back in Shape – How to get started RUNNING (or back into it again).

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