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CANDY – Why We Crave It & How to Control Those Cravings


How to do a Stability Ball Exchange

How to do Exercises and use the Fitness Equipment at LA Fitness.

Stability Ball Exchange

Lie on your back and place a stability ball between your ankles and feet. Next, reach up and grab the ball from between your feet and then lower your upper body and legs toward the ground, stopping a few inches short of touching the floor. Pause, and then return the ball to your feet and lower your legs and upper body toward the ground again. Continue for your desired number of repetitions.

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This is Your Body on an Alcohol Binge


Debbie J., MS, RD contributed this article –

It seems that many people tend to overlook the ramifications of consuming large quantities of alcohol. In addition to the many major safety issues it can cause, it can also significantly impact your health.


I am having trouble losing body fat around my midsection! Should I start monitoring my calories?

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