“Do vegetables retain their nutrients if you bake or boil them?”

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Canada Day Holiday Hours for LA Fitness Clubs 2016

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*Only LA Fitness clubs in Canada have adjusted hours for Canada Day.
**All LA Fitness clubs in the United States will maintain their normal hours of operation.

LA Fitness Clubs and Kids Klub Father’s Day Hours 2016

fathers day weekend hours at LA Fitness

Is LA Fitness and the Kids Klub open on Father’s Day? What are the hours for LA Fitness clubs and Kids Klub on Fathers’s day? (more…)

Powered-up Eating for Circuit Training

Power Circuit movesDebbie J., MS, RD contributed this article –


How long does fresh juice hold its nutritional value?



BLOATING – What Causes It & How to Prevent It

Woman holding her stomach (more…)

Do you have any specific suggestions for getting rid of stomach fat?



Are there any raw foods you’d recommend for a physically active vegetarian?

LA-Fitness-Blog-Nutrition-Q-&-A-Active-Vegetarians-1-3 (more…)

Mother’s Day Hours at LA Fitness Clubs and Kids Klubs 2016



The Powerhouse Protein Trio



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