Bio: Jimmy Sagnis

Before Jimmy was even a year old, he moved to the Greater Seattle area of Washington after being born in Hawaii. As he grew up in Washington he fell in love…with motocross. His love for riding dirt bikes proves both rewarding and painful at times.

“I have broken both of my wrists, my collarbone, a shoulder-blade, and both my number 11 and 12 vertebra in my spine,” said Jimmy about his injuries over the years competing in motocross. “Oh yeah, I also have had four concussions.”

Okay, to the average joe this might sound a bit crazy, but I guess that’s why they call it an “extreme” sport. One thing is certain however, Jimmy Sagnis’ life experiences have shaped him into a clever and inspirational personal trainer.

Featured Clients: Katie and Justin (Read their Story)

Favorite piece of advice: “Commit and be consistent”

Favorite book:  “Run, Boy, Run” by Uri Orley

Special note: He just learned his first Yoga move for this bio 🙂

Though Jimmy trains his body for the extreme sport of motocross, his knowledge, NFPT certification and keen observation skills have him readily prepared to train anyone with any goal. You can find him at the LA Fitness in Everett, Washington training clients and having fun doing it almost any day of the week.

You can contact Jimmy Sagnis at the LA Fitness Everett:

1402 Southeast Everett, Mall Way #138, Everett, WA 98208

Phone: (425) 290-9351

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