Bio: Dr. Sean Daneshmand, M.D.

Sean S. Daneshmand, M.D. is one of the busiest and most caring people you may ever meet. As the founder of the charity Miracle Babies, a full-time doctor, a father, a husband and a business owner it is hard to believe that he sleeps at all, or perhaps he has found a portal to the 36 hour day. He was recognized by CNN, in their CNN Heroes segment, for his work with Miracle Babies and his dedication to his patients.  Dr. Daneshmand is the Clinical Director at the San Diego Perinatal Center where he is a perinatologist  a doctor who works with high risk pregnancy patients.

So what does he do for fun?! — Well, he loves to go on family vacations and…

His hobbies include: Tennis, swimming, reading and relaxing walks in beautiful San Diego.

His favorite books are: “Eight steps to Happiness, The Buddhist Way of Loving and Kindness” and “Emotional Intelligence

His favorite quote is: “Peace begins with a smile” – Mother Teresa

For more information about Dr. Daneshmand and his charity, Miracle Babies, you can visit

  1. Dr. Daneshmand is an inspiration and the most caring doctor I have ever met. He shows true compassion and respect for his patients. He delivered my daughter in 2010 and was a source of calm through everything. And now again he will soon deliver another one of my children in 2012. Dr. Sean Daneshmand, you are such a blessing to have as a doctor. I feel so happy to have you around during such a hard and special time in my life. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. I truely love you and your sweet soul! THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Michelle Young

    Dr. Daneshmand is the kindest and most caring persons I have ever met. He is always putting others before himself and always thinking and looking for ways to help others.
    He delivered my baby 4 months ago and throughout my entire pregnancy he was there to answer every question and concern I had. He went above his doctor duties.
    He is now treating me at his Ageless and Beautiful office for my stretch marks.
    I don’t know what I would’ve done without him through this whole process.
    I am truly grateful that he is part of our lives.

  3. Thank you for creating miracle babies.

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