Bio: Anna Barrio

Born in North Platte, Nebraska and raised in Tuscon, Arizona, Anna Barrio’s life is fascinating. She is a professional jockey, in a sport dominated by men, with an impressive resume of wins during her career racing both thoroughbreds and quarter horses.

In addition to being a top jockey, Anna is a personal trainer at the LA Fitness Laveen Club in Arizona. She has a AA degree as a Physical Therapy Technician and is a certified as a personal trainer through NFPT.

Her hobbies include riding horses, exercising horses, racing horses…I think you get the idea. She is truly passionate about all things horse related; the only thing that rivals her passion for horses is her passion for fitness and helping others through personal training.

Featured Client:  Sandy Aker (Read Sandy’s Story)

Favorite piece of advice: “You are your body’s own best friend!”

You can contact Anna Barrio at the LA Fitness located in Laveen:

5175 W Baseline Rd., Phoenix,  AZ   85339

Phone: (602) 904-7425

  1. Anna is a great trainer and a wonderful person! She helped me get in shape and lose a lot of weight.

  2. My niece was telling about this awesome trainer in Laveen where she lives and goes to work out, come to find out I know her keep up the good work your awesome. An old friend you might remember.

  3. Hola espero y ables español…

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