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“I work out and track my food intake with an online tracker but haven’t lost weight, what do I need to change?”

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Food and Nutrition Tips Specifically for Men

food and nutrition tips for men

Debbie J., MS, RD contributed this article –


How to do a Dumbbell Shoulder Press



Ab Crunches or Sit-ups, Which Should You Do? One, Both, Neither?

Crunches vs. Situps find out which is best with LA Fitness (2)


Healthy BBQ and Grilling Tips for Your Parties this Summer

Barbecue chicken breast, string beans and potato salad garnished for you to keep Living Healthy with LA Fitness

LA Fitness Fourth of July Holiday Hours and Kids Klubs ‘4th of July’ Holiday Hours 2016

LA Fitness 4th of July Holiday hours for 2016

Is LA Fitness and the Kids Klub open on the 4th of July? What are the hours for LA Fitness clubs and Kids Klub for the Fourth of July Holiday?


Are there any raw foods you’d recommend for a physically active vegetarian?

LA-Fitness-Blog-Nutrition-Q-&-A-Active-Vegetarians-1-3 (more…)

Mother’s Day Hours at LA Fitness Clubs and Kids Klubs 2016



The Powerhouse Protein Trio



6 Reasons to Join & Compete in Club Leagues Basketball



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