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How to do a Dumbbell Shoulder Press



6 Reasons to Join & Compete in Club Leagues Basketball



How to do a Bicycle Ab Crunch



Club Leagues Basketball


The Sculpted in 16 Weeks Total Body Workout – Part 8

LA-Fitness-Blog-The-Sculpted-in-16-Weeks-Total-Body-Workout-Cover-Image-1 (more…)

Are You Weight Training? Here’s Why You Should Be!

LA-Fitness-Blog-6-Reasons-to-Weight-Train-Cover-Photo (more…)

How to use The Lateral Raise Machine



The Sculpted in 16 Weeks Total Body Workout – Part 7

The Shredded in 16 Weeks Workout Series - Part 4


7 Ways to Make Your Morning Workouts Easier

girl gym workout yoga


LA Fitness Easter Weekend Hours 2016



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