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Should I add chicken and eggs to my diet in order to get more protein and lose body fat?

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237 to 147 Pounds and 3.1 Miles Later, Karrie Runs Her First 5K Race


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Yay, Fantasy Football is Back! Boo, so is my Belly!

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3 Easy Rules to Help You Lose Weight

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Major Surgery and a Dream to Ski: Clay’s Story Will Inspire You

Clay Valstad, 64, underwent surgery in October of 2011 to have a partial knee replacement procedure performed; leaving a scar over six inches long, severe swelling and a weakened leg, which attests to the severity of the operation. Remarkably, he and his doctor are certain, that in February of 2012, Clay will be able to join his wife and friends on their annual ski trip—this year’s destination is Lake Tahoe, California—where Clay plans to head straight for the black diamond mogul runs, not the bunny hills. But, to accomplish this, Clay has to stick to a rigid plan of rehab and strength conditioning. The injury has caused many of his muscles to weaken and become underdeveloped, meanwhile other muscles have become overworked due to compensating for the injured and now recovering knee.

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