Summer is here, which means it’s time to enjoy being outdoors and getting things done: wash the car, plant tomatoes in your garden, paint the trim around your house AND burn calories the entire time!

1. Wash Your Car:
Crank some tunes and show your car some love with an automobile spa day. Wash and wax your vehicle instead of taking it in, and burn between 270 and 400 calories per hour.*

2. Gardening:
There’s a special feeling you get when you plant the seeds to your own garden and watch it blossom and bear fruit. Add a little beauty to your home’s exterior and some fresh produce to your plate and burn between 270 and 400 calories an hour.*

3. Rearrange Your Furniture:
Rearranging your furniture can give your home a fresh new feel for the summer season! Not only that, you can burn between 360 and 532 calories an hour.*

4. Mowing the Lawn:
Enjoy the look and scent of a freshly trimmed lawn. Mow your lawn and you can burn between 270 and 400 calories per hour.* If you happen to be using a hand lawn mower that number jumps up to 330 to 488 calories per hour.*

5. Paint Your House:
Give the outside of your home a sleek new paint job and you can burn between 300 and 444 calories per hour.*

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* Calories burned per hour are based on a 125 to 185 pound person.



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