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Dumbbells 101 – BACK

For such a large muscle group you might be surprised to find a limited number of exercises to do when using dumbbells, free weights and barbells. For this reason, it’s important to learn new exercises and how to use different pieces of equipment. This way you can continue to develop and progress your muscle groups, get stronger, leaner and in better shape without hitting a plateau.

When it comes to dumbbells, ROWS and REVERSE FLIES are the exercises that you can perform to work out your back. Although some exercises, like ROWS, can be done in different ways to increase the variation of your work outs. Check it out…and try them out the next time you’re in the club!


Tips for DUMBBELL BACK Exercises:

DO NOT let your shoulders fall forward during a ROW exercise. Keep your shoulders in a neutral position with proper poster.

BACK muscles are often weak or slightly elongated in many people; so you may need to physically and consciously make an effort to keep your shoulder blades slightly contracted (closer together) during your BACK exercises.

Flex and tighten your core and ab muscles during this exercise while maintaining proper posture.

BACK exercises PULL resistance toward your body. As the weight, or resistance, moves away from your body DO NOT relax. This motion is called the negative or eccentric motion. Controlling the entire exercise is not only the safest way to perform the movement, but it will work the muscle group most effectively.

DO NOT straighten or extend your arms completely during BACK exercises. Keep a slight bend in your elbow when completing each repetition.

Overusing your biceps or arms is A COMMON MISTAKE during BACK exercises. Since your biceps help perform BACK exercises you might accidentally allow them to dominate the movement. Make sure you feel the exercise properly fatigue your BACK muscles, and not your arms.


Bent Over Row


Partial Upright Row

Bench Row

Reverse Fly

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