Workout Apparel Now Looks Good, Feels Good and it’s Functional! coverWorkout Apparel Now Looks Good, Feels Good and it’s Functional!

This is the New Age of Workout Clothing!

Most people workout at fitness clubs because they want to look and feel better. But life, work and commutes make time precious in this day and age. Do you really want to run errands in your hole-laden workout scrubs before your workout?

Sure, most would agree that the gym doesn’t need to be turned into a fashion runway, but these days most workout clothing is actually designed and created to be a functional part of your workout. Much more so than the old sweats and wore-out t-shirts that we often wear as our “gym clothes.”

And hey, don’t you workout harder, feel better and more confident when you look better? So, why does that have to stop just because you walk through the door of a gym?

It doesn’t!

And that is why we created!

At you can get the latest in functional fashion when it comes to fitness apparel, workout clothing and accessories.

By the way, we are having a Gift Card Give-Away and all you have to do is leave a comment on this post for your chance to win! Click here for Official Rules.

2014-05-05 10.46.39From Dry-Combat T-shirts, workout bags to hats, offers an easy way for you get the workout apparel you want and need.

Oh, and don’t forget to try to snag a deal by checking out our CLEARANCE section, you never know what hidden gems you might find.

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  1. This is awesome! Thanks

  2. I’ve already purchased some of the LA Fitness workout clothes… they feel great and look great on! I’m proud to wear the LA FItness brand! I love the clothes so much that I want to purchase more! 🙂

  3. sergio medina

    The best of both worlds…now lets hope that the quality and price is competitive

  4. amybelle2001

    I like the fact that many of today’s workout clothes are made to fit different body types with different needs.

  5. I like that workout clothes now also work for different body types and different concerns.

  6. amybelle2001

    I like that workout clothes now work for different body types and different concerns.

  7. Very cool! As a member, I’m going to love rocking this gear! By the way the link in the post ( isn’t working, so I’ll do a search for the correct address.

  8. Can’t wait to check out the clothes.

  9. Awesome, will definitely check it out.

  10. Going to check it out now!

  11. One Lost Mama

    Awesome, can’t wait to check out your store!

  12. I am really loving the tri-blend seamless tank in vintage purple! I’d love to win.

  13. Looks like a great selection! I love the colors of the women’s tops.

  14. Great idea! Looking forward to checking out the different options.

  15. So true! Love that workout clothes doesn’t consist of just t-shirts and shorts anymore. Now we can dress comfortably and stylish while getting our workouts done!

  16. Great!!!! I was wanting this 2 years ago, so I’m happy you got them!!!!

  17. I keep planning to buy those pants, but I want to get down to a smaller size first….

  18. Denise Ripley

    LA Fitness Glenside, PA is my spot! Thanks

  19. Eileen DeCarmine

    I’m looking for new workout clothes for the summer. I love the styles!

  20. Brian Shepherd

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift card. Just another reason why I’m glad to switch to LA Fitness! 🙂

  21. I’m gonna wait to lose same weight until try’em

  22. Lauren Armenio

    My initials say it all!!!

  23. mark pickering

    all I got to say is simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Jennifer Fhurong

    I would love some work out clothes period!

  25. Lauren Armenio

    My initials say it all…

  26. I didn’t know they had work out gear. I will check it out. Thanks

  27. Missy Reichert

    Love the selection!

  28. Awesome can’t wait to check out the online store!!!

  29. Nice

  30. Great ad, true statements. Good quality gym clothes that look good on can be expensive, not easy to afford clothes just for the gym. The prices I have seen for the LA fitness apparel are reasonable and comparable, for some items even better.

  31. I need to get a new gym bag!

  32. Love dry-fit clothing!

  33. Time to workout with style

  34. Super cute stuff!

  35. No doubt that if you wear nice workout clothes you feel more confidence. And when you have a chance to wear LA fitness logo’s in LA fitness club definitely You will feel Very good

  36. i would love some LA fitness apparel! Thanks 🙂

  37. I think nice workout clothes are as necessary as your diet, exercise and protein shake, because if you wear good you will feel more confidence which will increase your interest in the workout and Jim more.

  38. magentaruby1

    I love the idea of LA Fitness having an online store. A wide variety of clothing to choose from.

  39. I so very much need new workout clothes now that my old ones are too big!

  40. Great, going to check it out now!!!

  41. Joanne Jeremillo

    I luv to workout feeling great at the same time sporting a great workout wear!

  42. I have an LA Fitness right next door to where I work. I go every day on my lunch break and could always use something new to wear, I’d especially love to wear your logo.

  43. Love my L.A. Fitness. This is awesome hope I win.

  44. Pick me!! I wanna rep my gym!!!

  45. Never knew you had fitness apparel. Looks cute.

  46. Vanessa Madrazo

    Hoping that water bottles and bags are included in tge line 🙂

  47. Christina Colon

    I want to get the pink Tank! I was going to buy it, but I’m feelin lucky! 🙂

  48. Katie Mobley

    Just joined LA Fitness today. I’m so pumped!

  49. I’ll have to check them out! I need new work out clothes.

  50. Donna Mitchell

    Always looking for comfortable workout wear and promote our Club!

  51. Awesome! Perfect to run errands in after the gym!!!

  52. Proud LA member

  53. Nice, just hopping for competitive pricing.

  54. Kimberly WAMSLEY

    Awesome Article! LA Fitness has been been a staple in my schedule for decades!! Keep up the wonderful work!

  55. Kandiss Matt

    Looking forward to shopping with youka

  56. Marcia Sparks

    I believe that having workout apparel that fits well and also allows ones body to move easily is vital to a productive workout. It is nice to have a great look as well!

  57. as an upcoming group instructor in training, this would definitely be a plus! That, and I’ve been a member for over 10 years! #lafitness #HealthierMe #HealthierYou #Fitness #FunTimes #GreatPeople #ShopLAFitness

  58. Would love to try the new apparel ! LA Fitness is the best gym I’ve ever joined!

  59. There’s always room for one more workout shirt!

  60. Would love love love to win!!

  61. Love the ladies tank tops!

  62. Katherine Kelly

    This is perfect!

  63. New to LA Fitness and I must say its the best gym ever!!!!

  64. LA Fitness is the best gym! I would love to win to buy some LA fitness gear!

  65. I’m gonna work my a@$ off to look good in these LA Fitness threads!

  66. Just started to lose weight, so now would like to wear something more fashionable…..😎

  67. I’m addicted to buying cute and colorful workout clothes! They help me get my butt to the gym!

  68. Lisa Chmiola, CFRE (@houdatlisa)

    Really seeing results with my LA Fitness trainer! would love to rock some of this gear on my workouts.

  69. my workout addiction is ruining all my workout clothes, I NEED THOSE!

  70. Looking to start up at! Awesome work out gear to get you motivated!

  71. Mary Thompson

    The clothing line looks amazing!

  72. Looks comfortable and cute!

  73. I never know what clothes to wear when working out, but this will be a great website to find what I am looking for!

  74. I love LA Fitness I just started the membership a month ago. The staff are so awesome, I join the classes the instructors are great and this is my second home.

  75. I love LA Fitness apparel, very comfy!

  76. Nick Grunhovd

    Very Cool!

  77. Katelyn Albright (@kate_albright)

    Just started working here!

  78. Can’t wait to go to my local LA Fitness tonight!

  79. Internet shopping is great for busy Moms, we can shop at night when our kids is sleeping, so thank you for creating shopLAfitness 😊

  80. These look super cute and comfy! Would love to have them for my zumba class @ LA fitness!

  81. I really need some L.A fitness gear! I’ve lost 63 pounds and the last ten that came off left me with over sized work out clothes again 🙂 and when people see me and ask me how I did it, I always promote my favorite place to be! 😉 thanks for the chance to win!

  82. I need new clothes

  83. Nancy Nishimoto

    Purchased a workout gym bag from LA Fitness. Love it!

  84. Michael Nelson

    I could use more exercise hear! Thanks

  85. I love working out at LA Fitness!!!!!!

  86. Definitely need to be sporting some LA Fitness gear at the gym!

  87. good idea to offer LA Fitness branded bags and goods

  88. Lauren Richards

    Kind of in a lull when it comes to going to the gym. Maybe new workout clothes will help me?!

  89. New clothes make the work out more fun!

  90. Great idea!

  91. Would love to win. Great looking work outfits

  92. I’d love some fitness wear with my gym’s name on it 😀

  93. I have already purchased two of the Burnout Racer Tank, I got it in white and received several compliments at LA Fitness including a Kick Box instructor and asked me were I had bought it at. I also have the yellow one, I love them–so comfortable. Thank you LA Fitness for making these items available to us members:)

  94. Buffalo NY LA fitness, elmwood ave. In the house

  95. Jennifer Dattolo

    I agree. I would love to have a better workout wardrobe as they discussed

  96. I could use some new workout clothes!

  97. I am always looking for workout clothes! Will definitely check the site out.

  98. I love my LA fitness trainer & I love treating myself to new workout outfits whenever I hit a goal!

  99. Wish me lucks !

  100. I want to be pretty fly for a white guy

  101. Patrick Olesiak

    My workout clothes are old gym shorts & tank tops; would be great to upgrade. ..

  102. Great gym and now great clothes!

  103. gettingovermyex

    Nothing would make me happier than to winsome sweet LA Fitness swag! Except world peace!

  104. On my way to check it out!

  105. Awesome…..want some LA Fitness clothes

  106. Would love to win new workout clothing and hat. I need new gear for sure. I’ve been a member for a couple of years now. Love working out at La Fitness!

  107. Hope to win! Thank you for this great chance to check out the clothes! 🙂 looking forward to it.

  108. Love the hats!

  109. ENTER!!!!! AHHHH!!!!

  110. Looking good, makes you feel good for a better workout. LA fitness gear gives you that feeling. Love the gear!

  111. Love my new Master Trainer! Now I could use some new workout clothes!

  112. Love the place and access to all equipment.

  113. Chris Pariseau

    Just started out working at LA Fitness and I’m loving it! I just started looking at getting some new work out clothes today.

  114. I want some LA Fitness gear. I’m thankful you started to sell it.

  115. Sounds great

  116. Perfect look

  117. Albert Delgado

    I want to thank the Oakland park location by us 1 in Fort Lauderdale fl I just recently caught a miner stroke due to my obesity I am a 41 yr single Dad 5’6″ 285lbs very busy professional lifestyle. I called the gym and had a very helpful gentlemen help me at the time I financially wasn’t able to commit to a $200 dollar down payment but I new I had to get my health in order, so I asked the gentlemen what should I do. He was very helpful with me and gave me a two week free pass. That was in the beginning week of May 2014 it is now June 22 and I’ve lost close to 40lbs and my heart is getting healthier by the day. I changed my whole way of eating and feel so good about my self, and I have a new special commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Thank you LA Fitness yours truly Albert Delgado

  118. Workout apparel is so important for fitness! It’s definitely an encouragement to workout, it makes your workout fun! The hardest part for me is getting to the gym! When I like what I am wearing for the gym, I’m less likely to talk myself out of a workout! 🙂

  119. Can’t wait to try the clothing. Ordering

  120. Daily Sports USA

    Great range of stylish and functional workout clothes, I really like LAF Off-Shoulder Top.

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