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question-answer-color-v-2What would be an example of a day’s worth of healthy eating? -Baylee


It’s nearly impossible to have only one day’s food exactly meet all nutritional recommendations, so it’s important to note the following are EXAMPLES of balanced eating that are nutrient rich for healthy adults. I’ve tried to incorporate typical American foods that are familiar to most readers.

1500 Calories 2000 Calories
Breakfast 1 Cup bran flake cereal, 1 Tbsp. almonds, ½ Cup 1% milk, 2 scrambled eggs, ½ grapefruit 2 low fat whole grain waffles, 1 Tbsp. peanut butter, 12 fl. oz. 1% milk, 1 banana
Lunch 3 oz. grilled chicken breast, ½ Cup coleslaw, 1 cob corn 2 Cup spinach, 1 Cup diced veggies, 3 oz. grilled chicken breast, ½ Cup white beans, 2 Tbsp. reduced-fat salad dressing
Dinner 3 oz. halibut, 1 Cup green beans, 1 Cup wheat noodles 4 oz. salmon, 1 Cup broccoli, 1 Cup cooked brown rice
Snacks 3 Cup light popcorn C. plain low-fat yogurt + ½ C. berries 1 oz. mozzarella cheese + 6 rye crackers¼ C. mixed nuts + 1 Cup melon
breakdown 28% Protein, 28% Fat, 44 % Carbohydrate Protein 104 grams, Fiber 25 grams 22% Protein, 32% Fat, 45% Carbohydrate Protein 111 grams, Fiber 38 grams

See full seven-day sample menus 2000 Calorie food patterns from the USDA at

For a vegetarian sample menu, please see our article on The Benefits and Basics of Going Vegetarian by clicking HERE.

– Debbie J., MS, RD

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Debbie James is a registered dietitian. Any views or opinions presented in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions or recommendations of Fitness International, LLC.



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