Making the decision to lose weight and get it shape is often preceded by weeks, months and sometimes even years of procrastination and excuses. So when you finally shove the obstacles to the side, and commit to a healthier lifestyle, it can be an exciting and emancipating feeling. The possibilities of how much better your life will be seem almost limitless. That is, until the reality of working out and eating less set in, and this reality usually hits hard in the first few days.

That is why it is so important to prepare yourself for a few things that send so many people back-pedaling on their commitment to a healthier lifestyle during the first week of their workout and weight loss programs.

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1.       You will be sore. This is normal, maybe not fun, but normal nonetheless.

The Silver Lining – After the first 15 days, your body will begin to adapt and the level of soreness will diminish. Plus, you are on your way to looking and feeling better.

2.       Working out is “work,” and some days you may feel exhausted; you may want to quit or not work out at all. You just need to get through your work out on these days. Yes, it is going to look like it is so much easier for everyone else in the gym, but it is NOT easy for anyone. It’s mind over matter.

The Silver Lining – Again, during the first 15 days this is a shock to your body, your daily routine and your internal clock. As your body and habits adapt, even longer tougher workouts that you perform weeks later won’t feel as difficult as these “easier” workouts that you do in your first few weeks.

3.       You will feel hungry. Yep, it stinks, but you have to expect that you are going to feel hungry when you are eating less food. This is where making smart choices to help you feel fuller longer are going to come in handy. Vegetables and drinking a lot of water are some things that can help. Check out Q & A where our dietitian answers the question, “I can’t seem to stay full, what can I do so I don’t constantly feel hungry?”

The Silver Lining – Your body will adjust, and the hunger will fade. Are you noticing a trend here? Adapting and allowing time for your body to change and adjust are essential, and you will be amazed by how much your body can adapt and change in a matter of a few weeks…you just have to give it a chance.

The Platinum Lining (if there wasn’t really a thing “platinum-lining,” there is now)…after a few weeks you will probably come to enjoy and look forward to the very things that you thought were tough to do when you first started. The changes in your mood, energy level, confidence and the way you look and feel will invigorate you. Get ready to look and feel better!



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