collage-v3This year we are creating a mantra—and yes, a hashtag, too!—for all of you who are looking to lose some weight and get in better shape…#MoveMoreBurnMore! (Tweet your progress and goals, or share it with a friend by clicking the hashtag)

You can use it as a personal reminder and way to connect with all of the other people in the LIVING HEALTHY community who are taking on the challenge to improve their health through fitness in 2014.

The concept is simple—If you move more, then you will burn more calories. Combine this with making some needed adjustments to your diet (burning more calories than you eat) and you will lose weight…it’s science.

Though the concept is simple, following through and actually doing this is not so simple, and there is no exact science, nor one thing that motivates everyone. Not that we are trying to discourage you, but rather remind you of some of the mental and lifestyle challenges that you will have to get used to.

3 Key things to expect as you work toward your weight loss and fitness resolution.

1.       You will be sore. This is normal, maybe not fun, but normal nonetheless.

The Silver Lining – After the first 15 days, your body will begin to adapt and the level of soreness will diminish. Plus, you are on your way to looking and feeling better.

2.       Working out is “work,” and some days you may feel exhausted; you may want to quit or not work out at all. You just need to get through your work out on these days. It’s mind over matter.

The Silver Lining – Again, during the first 15 days this a shock to your body, your daily routine and your internal clock. As your body and habits adapt, even longer tougher workouts that you perform weeks later won’t feel as difficult as these “easier” workouts that you do in your first few weeks.

3.       You will feel hungry. Yep, it stinks, but you have to expect that you are going to feel hungry when you are eating less food. This is where making smart choices to help you feel fuller longer are going to come in handy. Vegetables and drinking a lot of water are some things that can help. Check out Q & A where our dietitian answers the question,  “I can’t seem to stay full, what can I do so I don’t constantly feel hungry?”

The Silver LiningYour body will adjust, and the hunger will fade. Are you noticing a trend here? Adapting and allowing time for your body to change and adjust are essential, and you will be amazed by how much your body can adapt and change in a matter of a few weeks…you just have to give it a chance.

The Platinum Lining (if there wasn’t really a thing “platinum-lining,” there is now)…after a few weeks you will probably come to enjoy and look forward to the very things that you thought were tough to do when you first started. The changes in your mood, energy level, confidence and the way you look and feel will invigorate you. Get ready to look and feel better!

It’s ironic that so many people have the same goal each year, but yet feel so alone in their pursuit and in their struggles to lose weight and get in better shape.

You are not alone! You can do this! Remind yourself each day and share your accomplishments and struggles with others—#MoveMoreBurnMore.

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