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As I get older it’s harder to lose weight, what should I do?

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Your 90 Day New Year’s Resolution Weight Loss STRATEGY

90-Day-StrategyHow to get started and what to do for the first 30 days…THE STRATEGY!

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90 Day workout and weight loss plan

Your 90 Day Weight Loss Workout Plan – #MoveMoreBurnMore – Part 2 (Days 16 – 30)

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If I want to lose weight, but my shift is long and my job is very sedentary, how should I eat?

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Define Your Abs and Your Mood with Laughter and These Exercises – Abs / Core 101 (Part 2)

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I am new to working out; so what, when and how much should I now eat?

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90 Day Nutrition Plan to a Leaner You

90-Day-Workout-and-Nutrition (more…)

After a full day of eating healthy, how can I avoid overwhelming cravings in the evenings?

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Hours for LA Fitness – All Clubs are Open on MLK Day 2014


For 2015 MLK Day hours CLICK HERE.

Is LA Fitness closed on MLK day? Many people are asking the same question. See below for the Martin Luther King, Jr. day hours at LA Fitness clubs.

All LA Fitness Clubs and Kids Klub are OPEN and will maintain normal operating hours on MLK Day, Monday, January 20th, 2014.


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