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15 REAL STORIES of Fitness and Weight Loss in 2013

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How many grams of carbohydrates should I consume to lower my high cholesterol?

ask our dietitian your question todayGrains - Happy Face lower your cholesterol


Top 10 TOP TIPS of 2013

blog-top-10The New Year is almost here, and though 2013 is almost over, it has been an incredible year for LIVING HEALTHY and TOP TIPS! We published over 50 TOP TIPS articles this year to help you reach your personal health and fitness goals, and the response, which resulted in record-breaking readership, was amazing.

But before we dash off into a new year of fitness, exercises and healthy trends, we are taking a walk down memory lane and sharing with you the TOP 10 TOP TIPS of 2013…just in case you missed one.


Can you help me figure out what my MACRONUTRIENTS intake should be?

ask our dietitian your question todaymacronutrients


Life Through Fitness, Kira’s REAL STORY ‘Portrait of a Mother’

On March 12, 2013 Kira Martin went into labor with her fifth child; she had a boy, Lucas. After his birth, however, she experienced severe complications and almost died. In “Portrait of a Mother,” Kira recounts the terrifying 10 hours that followed and explains how fitness may have saved her life. This is her story. This is her second chance.

How many grams of fat would you recommend a vegan eat?

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LA Fitness New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Holiday Hours 2013

Click Here for The LA Fitness New Year’s Eve 2015 & New Year’s Day 2016 Holiday Hours


Am I eating too many fruits, and is it unhealthy to do so?

ask our dietitian your question todaycan you eat too much fruit


Portrait of a College Athlete – Bethany, Cross-Country Runner

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Is it true that if my heart rate is not in a ‘fat-burning zone’ that my body burns muscle?

ask our dietitian your question todayheart rate cardio and fat burning


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