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The Navy SEAL program is something that resonates to the American public with almost a super hero status. As an elite Special Forces unit of the United States military they take on the toughest missions in some of the harshest environments. That being said, the selection process and training that they undergo is grueling.

Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape or SERE training is one such program. It prepares Special Forces operatives for some the most precarious of circumstances. So who exactly teaches the military’s best-of-the-best the skills to survive? One such person is SERE instructor Scott Brewer.

Scott lunges with 45s at LA Fitness - Front Low angle eyes at camera -5 - effectAt 6’3” and with a powerful frame—weighing in at 260 pounds—Scott Brewer, 48, looks as if he stepped straight out of an action film and into the real world…Or in this instance, an LA Fitness club in San Diego, Calif.

He gained his experience as an active duty U.S. Air force SERE instructor while serving his country for 12 years. Today, and for the past six years, Scott is contracted by the U.S. Navy to train the Naval Special Warfare division—SEAL and SWCC—to survive, evade, resist and escape. His career and his life are every bit as fascinating and complex as they sound.

Scott works out of the Naval Special Warfare Center located in Coronado; he also does extensive field training in the harsh deserts of Southern California. As you can imagine, his job is physically demanding, and so Scott adheres to a strict and rigorous conditioning program. If he isn’t in the field with his students humping through the desert with 60 pounds of gear on, then Scott is in the gym training and conditioning every day.

“In all of my years of service and training in the field I have never suffered a severe injury, and I believe that my training and conditioning is largely responsible for that,” Scott said.

And so Scott trains, and he trains hard.

You can tell that the gym is a sort of second home for him. When he walks into the LA Fitness in Eastlake, Calif. he stops to converse with members and the staff about their days in the same way neighbors do as they pass each other while coming and going from their respective houses.

Then the ear buds go in, Scott turns his music on and it’s time to train. You can see the focus in his face and eyes shift as if some sort of internal switch is flipped-on when he readies himself for a training session. You get the impression that his ability to shift his focus in such an intentional and complete manner is directly related to his years of training and experience as a SERE instructor.

His training is chock full of a variety of exercises; at times the amount of weight he uses looks as if it would crush the average mortal. There is a plan that he is mapping out in his mind; you can see it in the expression on his face as he shifts from one workout station to the next.

Scott doingf Bicep curls at LA Fitness - a - effectHe completes his workout by doing alternating dumbbell bicep curls.

“Alternating bicep curls are one of my favorite exercises,” Scott said.

When asked why he likes the exercise so much, Scott just smiled harmlessly, shrugged his shoulders and replied “because i just like ‘um.”

Not everything has to be complex; sometimes even a guy who trains Navy SEALS needs to do something just because he “likes it.”

We have so much more to tell you about Scott, his workouts, his life and his profession as a Naval Special Warfare SERE instructor. So be sure to come back for some more fascinating facts and photos as we take you into the life and into the training field of a Navy Special Warfare SERE instructor.

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