If you’re like most people, you have likely run into your fair share of obstacles due to work and other responsibilities that have prevented you from exercising as much as you would like to…Hey, it happens!

Even on days that you have your workouts scheduled in your calendar it seems that unexpected obstacles and extra responsibilities just seem to pop up, right?

So how do you make sure that you don’t get derailed by these obstacles?

It’s important to find a healthy balance between your everyday responsibilities and the time you dedicate to your well-being and fitness goals.

Here is a list of common obstacles and how to overcome them to accomplish your goals:

The Time Crunch – If you’re like most people in the 21st century, time is difficult to come by. Unfortunately, magical pocket watches that can stop time are still not in production (thanks for teasing us, Hollywood).

The first thing you should address is any extraneous or unhealthy habits you may have, like watching too much television or excessively surfing the internet. I know it’s difficult…but you know deep down it’s totally worth it. It’s just a matter of taking a stand and starting today.

Don’t have any bad habits to eliminate? Still crunched for time? Well first off, touché! Secondly, you are going to have to make some sacrifices, plain and simple. That means taking away time from some minor responsibilities.

Try this; write out a list of all of your regular responsibilities and hobbies and then weigh them against what it will feel like to meet your goals and be in great shape.  Figure out what matters MOST to you. Odds are if you’re reading this your health and fitness outweighs one of the items on your list.

The Stress Factor – We’ve all been there. It’s just one of those days where nothing seems to go your way and exercising sounds like the last thing in the world you want to do.

Anyone who has ever powered through a workout after having a rough day can tell you how much better they feel afterwards.

Exercise is a proven stress reliever.

Exercise and physical activity produce endorphins (chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers), which help reduce stress and improve your ability to sleep. It also helps improve your concentration and reduces fatigue — two problems that usually accompany or cause stress.[i]

Head to the gym the next time you’re having a down day. You’ll see the benefits and hopefully use it as a way to turn your frown upside down from here on out.

Expect the Unexpected – Learning to expect the unexpected is an important part of developing a consistent gym routine.

Have a contingency plan to keep your fitness on track when things go haywire.

Example: You get a call because your dog recently learned how to finagle the back gate to your yard open and you need to go pick him up, and this is going to cut into your workout time drastically.

Your backup plan = Try doing bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere and a trail run with poochy.

Remember, when you’re in a crunch, any exercise is good exercise!

The Boredom – Let’s face it, we are a bit spoiled with how many sources of entertainment we have available to us between smartphones, tablets, computers and streaming TV and movies.

There are literally a thousand things you can do besides working out, but that’s why you have to really Exercise Your Options® and figure out a gym routine that you really enjoy.

Gym and enjoy in the same sentence? Yes, you read that correctly!

For more ideas on how Exercise Your Options and enjoy your gym time read this article: https://blog.lafitness.com/?s=exercise+your+options

The Weather – This problem tends to apply to two scenarios: Amazing weather and terrible weather.

Terrible Weather – When terrible weather conditions strikes (e.g. Phoenix during the summer or Ohio during the winter) it can make getting to the gym seem a bit more daunting. But if you let the weather determine when you work out then you will never get the results you want unless you live in an area with a consistently amazing climate. Remember, no matter the weather being in awesome shape is better.

Time to hit the gym. After all, your local LA Fitness is climate controlled.

Amazing Weather – Amazing weather conditions on the other hand often cause us to sacrifice the gym and relax in the sun. This actually isn’t a terrible idea…But then again, imagine how great you’ll feel about yourself if you work out before you jump into a swim suit.

Obstacles are simply what lie between you and the things that you desire the most. Make an effort to remind yourself of that whenever you are feeling less committed than usual, and use these ideas to help you stay on the straight and narrow and reach the goals you desire the most.

Sure, you may have heard this all before, but sometimes we just need a consistent reminder and light hearted reality check.


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