mary-before-middle-after LA Fitness member MarySometimes the greatest compliments are seen through the actions and the reactions of the people who you encounter. This was certainly the case for Mary. She’s had several incidences where people who had not seen her since she lost weight didn’t even recognize her. It’s hard to think of a more sincere acknowledgement of how much Mary has changed as a result of her weight loss.

When Mary first began her weight loss endeavor, in September of 2012, she weighed 206 pounds. After months of hard work and dedication she has finally reached her goal of losing 50 pounds! It has been a life changing experience for Mary…in more ways than she could have ever imagined.

“I look and feel so different,” Mary said.  “There has been a side-effect, so to speak, to how much I have changed from losing the weight, and it is that people don’t recognize me. I forget that I don’t look like the same person anymore.”

It started at work, when Mary had some clients come in that she worked with the previous year.

“The client actually walked up to me and asked for ‘Mary,’” Mary said.  “When I said ‘I’m Mary,’ his jaw dropped.”

She even has her relatives doing double-takes.

“I last saw my sister’s grandson (who is 17) at Christmas,” Mary said. “One day I stopped at my sister’s house. Her grandson came to the door and I just walked like I always had done. He acted so startled, and he kept staring. Finally he asked who I was.  When I said ‘Aunt Mary,’ he stopped in his tracks and said ‘Wow, you look good.  You look really good!’ It was crazy, this was my great-nephew who I’ve known all his and my life and he really didn’t recognize me!”

Mary’s weight loss success has caused quite a stir, and people are clamoring to find out just how she did it.

“Of course everyone wants to know how I did it,” Mary said. “They grill me about what I’m eating and where I work out.  I try to encourage everyone.”

Mary is truly inspiring and motivating others with her success. One of the most rewarding accomplishments is her seeing the recent success her friends have had.

“I’ve motivated several of my friends and a lot of my customers, too,” said Mary. “One of my friends has lost over 40 pounds, and another has lost 17!”

That is a net loss of 107 pounds between Mary and her two friends, and a total of three more people who are now LIVING HEALTHY.

It is one thing to care enough to motivate yourself to work toward your health and fitness goals, but it is truly remarkable when you care, inspire and take the time to help others reach their goals, too.

Thanks for sharing your story Mary, and for all the comments you have taken the time to reply to!

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