Not losing weight fast is frustrating me, what should I do to lose it faster?

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I need to lose weight! I am 47, female, 5’5” and 199 pounds. I am on the borderline of diabetes; plus I have high blood pressure. I have a personal trainer that helps me once a week for 25 minutes, but lately I am feeling that once a week is not enough. When I started working out, 3 months ago, I was 210 pounds.

I have Been trying hard to maintain my diet, but I am a Latina, which can make it hard to cook healthy ;). I am feeling really down; I woke up crying after found out that I lost only two pounds in the last 3 weeks. I have a syndrome called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome that is messing my insulin hormone.
My biggest problem is my midsection; how I can lose more fat from there, specifically? I would really appreciate any help and advice you can give me. Thanks. -Minerva



You are doing great, girl!  A weight loss rate of 1/2 pound per week is totally normal. It is important to remember that gradual weight loss means the weight will stay off.

As for the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome issue that you unfortunately battle, sugars and starches (like tortillas and rice) need to be managed.  If you can’t control portions of those, it’s best to avoid them altogether or save for them for special occasions.

You can’t go wrong filling up on vegetables… any kind, any style, any time of day.

Here is a great weight loss story that I think may help encourage you to keep up the good work and achieve you goals:

– Debbie J., MS, RD

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  1. What does “gradual weight loss means the weight will stay off” actually mean? Does that mean anything over 1/2 a pound will come back on? I’m confused by this statement, please calrify!

    • Debbie J., MS, RD

      As another reader noted below, the drastic changes that people make to lose weight rapidly aren’t sustainable. In general, slow and steady wins the race!

      Similarly, people who’ve lost weight, no matter how, do best keeping it off when their eating habits are consistent throughout the week and throughout the year. Whereas people that are more strict in their diet only certain days of the week or times of the year are more likely to regain their weight, according to the National Weight Control Registry.

  2. Tina Whitman (@NurseWhitman)

    People can’t usually maintain the lifestyle needed for rapid weight loss long-term and they go back to their old ways.

  3. This is a great idea for Blog. in these times where everyone eats unhealthy, we needs someone to uderstand how important is good diet.

  4. Like the article great information. I like the idea of setting realistic goals.

  5. Minerva,
    Try cutting gluten out of your diet…..which means wheat products. I recently discovered i am gluten intolerant….and i also have female reproductive issues. I was amazed at how much better i felt and started losing weight more easily. Try it!!!!!

  6. With quick-fix diets, our metabolism slows down, and eventually we’re eating fewer and fewer calories but not losing weight.This leads to anxiety, which prompts us to eat even fewer calories to try to lose. The body rebels against that even more.So it’s a vicious cycle. Because if you don’t get enough nutrients which is a major risk when you’re going for a quick fix your brain, and then your body, will, well, insist that you eat. To your body, it’s nothing more than survival. But to you, it will feel like you’re giving in and losing control.

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