It is time to make your beach outings more fun—and fit—this summer! Adding some activities to your beach days will have you soaking up rays from that beautiful summertime orb in the sky, all while burning some extra calories.

In fact, some of the high-intensity activities are not only fun, they can provide an incredible workout, too!

So get off of your beach towel and grab your friends this summer because it is time to have FUN and stay FIT!

To get you warmed up, we will start with some moderate-intensity activities that are perfect for fun in the sun and burning some extra calories. After that, we will give you some higher intensity options that will have you sweating and feeling invigorated at your favorite summertime beaches.

All of the calorie totals are for the following activities are based on 150-pound person doing the specified activity for 1 hour. They are only estimates and are provided to give you a general idea of the calories burned while performing the listed activity.[i]

Sun Bathing – 68 calories/hour – This is only 7 more calories per hour than actually sleeping (61 calories/hour). That being said, too much laying around in the sun isn’t conducive to maintaining all that hard work you did to get your body in shape for the swimsuit season.

Try enjoying your leisure time with some of these activities that can burn over 3 times the amount of calories per hour.

At a moderate intensity, these fun beach games will keep you moving and burning calories without wearing you out.

  1. Bocce Ball205 calories/hour – Normally played on grassy terrain, taking this game to beach offers a new challenge to this classic game. Not only will the sand slow your roll, but the bumps and dips that sandy beach provides can easily change the direction of your ball.
  2. Frisbee – 205 calories/hour – This disc throwing activity is a summertime favorite. If you are feeling a bit competitive and you want to burn more calories you can always play some Ultimate Frisbee beach style!
  3. Horseshoes – 205 calories/hour – Play this classic game on the beach and there is no need for a sandpit; just be sure to set your game up away from other beach goers to be safe.
  4. Bean Bag Toss – 205 calories/hour – Similar style of game to horseshoes, this game is kid friendly way to keep the entire family entertained and active.
  5. Body Surfing/Boogie Boarding – 205 calories/hour – The beach can get hot, so head into the water and splash around while you ride the waves…ocean availability permitting that is.

High-intensity burns calories and works muscles to get in even better shape.

  1. Paddle ball – 409 calories/hour – I always knew this game was challenging in the technical sense, but now that I know it burns a lot of calories I think I will be playing more paddle ball on the beach as well!
  2. Beach Volleyball – 545 calories/hour – Bump, set and spike your way to some intense calorie burning as you soak up the sun. Beach Volleyball is a fast-paced beach activity that works your entire body in all planes of motion.
  3. Beach football – 545 calories/hour – If you want to burn more calories than simply tossing a football back in forth on the beach, then grab a few friends and make a game of it. Some touch football on the beach is a fun way to burn calories, work all your muscles and enjoy the beach.
  4. Swimming – at a moderate rate – 477 calories/hour, at a vigorous rate – 682 calories/hour – Swimming is a low-impact, high reward summertime beach activity. Whether you are at a pool, lake or the ocean, swimming is a great way to stay in shape this summer.
  5. Go for a run along the beach – 10 min. /mile or 6mph – 682 calories/hour – The best part of running along the beach is that when you are done you can hop right in the water to cool off, after burning a ton of calories.

A little planning can go a long way, so don’t forget to pack a ball or Frisbee before you head to the beach this summer. Oh, and make sure to bring and drink plenty of water, too. Have fun staying active and keep LIVING HEALTHY!

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