I am a very active 67 year-old who just can’t seem to lose 5 pounds!  What do you recommend? – Meff




It is frustrating when the years are not kind to our waistline!  Before you start scrimping on what you are eating, consider revamping your exercise regimen to help you lose the final 5 pounds.  A Pro Results trainer would likely suggest Circuit TrainingCLICK HERE to Check out this great Circuit Training WorkoutCircuit Training is an effective way to incorporate resistance work and weight training while keeping your heart rate up to burn calories, which can help you to achieve your goal.  Nutritionally, focus on the major items in your diet in order to make the best choices.  Then you can fine-tune your current diet by curbing excess items and reducing portions where necessary.  Don’t forget to count the calories in your beverages too! – Debbie J., MS, RD

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