How do I get over cravings for sweets and chocolate?

question-answer-color-v-2Help! I’m addicted to the bad kind of carbs. How do I get over cravings for sweets and chocolate? – Erin

question-color-v2Cravings are usually a calling for something your body needs. In your case it may just be pure calories or glucose. Eating a substantial breakfast and lunch may help prevent any weak times in the afternoon. Be sure to include lean protein, complex carbohydrates and fresh produce at each meal, plus milk twice a day, to ensure you’re getting enough energy. –Debbie M., MS, RD

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  1. Sound great will have try this

  2. How about a magnesium supplement? I have found that helps tremendously with my choco cravings (although I still indulge once in a while :p ).

    • Although I’d reach for green vegetables, beans and whole grains to help meet my magnesium goal, I’d support your decision to supplement if your diet lacks these sources. Magnesium citrate providing no more than 100% DRI would be appropriate.

  3. Increase your protein intake.Often our bodies will exhibit cravings for sweets when what they really need is more protein.A good habit to get into is to take a walk instead of eating dessert.Get distracted. By drawing your attention to something else, you will soon forget about your cravings. Go for quality, not quantity.Have small, frequent meals to help keep your blood sugar level stable and eliminate your body’s need for a quick sugar fix. Avoid skipping meals

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