Exercise-Your-Options-Blog-HeaderVariation is the key to challenging your body, and in order to maintain constant variation you need options. It’s true, those who run a 5K typically do more than just run 5Ks over and over again to get faster; they do sprints, interval, distance and tempo runs combined with cross training in the gym. Those who have success with weight loss typically adapt as they lose weight by adjusting their calorie intake and fitness programs.  No matter what your goal is there are multiple options that you may have not considered when it comes to losing weight, developing muscle or conditioning for a sport, and it is important to know all the different options you have available to you!

Here are a variety of OPTIONS to help you with…

Weight Loss – It is a common goal with common challenges, and yet each of you is a unique individual. Luckily there are plenty of options to get you to your weight loss goal!

  1. Cardio – Treadmill, stairmaster and elliptical machines are all great ways to get your cardio in. Cardio training is the best way to burn calories and help you lose weight and it is also great for your heart and lungs!
  2. Group Fitness Classes – There are a wide variety of classes from dancing, step and even an aquatics class for those of you who enjoy the support and camaraderie of working out with others in a setting that is led by a fitness professional.
  3. Weight Training – Did you know that the more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you will burn? Don’t forget to do weight training to maximize your weight loss efforts.
  4. League Sports – Perhaps one of the most fun options when it comes to burning calories is to play a sport. Check into joining a Basketball or Racquetball league at your LA Fitness, and burn calories just by having fun.
  5. Pools – Swimming is an excellent, low-impact form of cardio that offers an amazing calorie-blasting full-body workout.
  6. Personal Training – Still don’t know where to begin? Do you need to be held accountable or do you just want to make sure you are doing everything right? Hire a certified personal trainer at any of our clubs to make sure that every drop of sweat counts.

Muscle / Strength Development  – Do you want to look better, define your muscles and get stronger? There are plenty of options to get you there.

  1. Weight training – Utilize ALL of the resistance training options available. Every piece of equipment can be integrated into different progressions and phases of your program to make sure that you constantly shock your body for peak results.
  2. Personal training – Building muscle takes discipline and a solid understanding of your body and exercise progressions. In fact, building muscle can often be more difficult than losing weight; so consider the option of hiring a professional to help you attain this goal.
  3. Cardio – So, you have built muscle; now show it off by shedding body fat. Cardio will help you drop your body fat percentage exposing your tight and tone muscles.
  4. Group Fitness Classes –BodyWorks Plus Abs integrates weight training and pumps motivating music while being led by an instructor so you don’t have to think about what you are going to do during your workout.

Sports Conditioning and performance

  1. Functional exercises – These exercises mimic movements that you regularly perform while adding payload or resistance in order to develop the primary muscles being used. Increase your balance, endurance, strength and power with functional exercises.
  2. Plyometrics – These exercises are a fantastic way to build power and balance while integrating resistance to explosive exercises.
  3. Personal training – Are you uncertain about how to do plyometric or functional exercises? Certified personal trainers can help you learn the best plyometric and functional exercises to enhance your performance for any sport.
  4. Weight training – Build strength, power and endurance with free weights and machines. Our workout floors have an ample amount of equipment for you to continually change up your workouts.

While challenging your body and mind is a good thing, making your day and your life more challenging is not. This is why LA Fitness has adopted the philosophy of Exercise your Options. Providing you with a variety of options for ample exercise choices at multiple locations across the country for you to use!

What are the different ways you create progression and variation in your workouts? Let us and the world know in the comments section!



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