Joey is rnning Full Steam Toward her weight loss goal

Like a little train taking on the challenge of a giant mountain, Joey has stayed the course and made steady progress over the past year. Each month she has come closer to reaching her goal of losing 93 pounds, and now she is only 8 pounds away from getting there. When she does reach her goal, she will accomplish what many people think is near impossible…to weigh the same as she did in high school while in her 30s.

Her accomplishment to date is already quite impressive. Over the past year Joey, managed to lose a total of 85 pounds and 11 inches in her waist. She has done it with patience and moderation. Sure, there have been weeks when she fell behind and didn’t watch what she was eating due to vacations, holidays and even sheer complacency. But Joey never saw her fitness goal as an all or nothing challenge. All too often you hear things like “don’t ruin your workout by eating carbs” or “sugar will destroy your progress.” Well, Joey eats carbs and had some foods containing sugar over the past year and she is still doing great and looking amazing!

“It’s about moderation and being realistic,” said Joey. “I hit plateaus when I become more complacent with my diet and when I let things go here and there. They really begin to add up.”

She doesn’t blame the times that she has seen slower results on cheating one day and eating ice cream or carb-loaded pasta. She admits that it is a pattern of behaviors over several days that affect her weight loss. A pattern that involves her challenging herself less during her workouts and having less accuracy when it comes to tracking and preparing her food.

“I use a mobile app to track my food, and I noticed that the more diligent I am with tracking my food the more success I have,” said Joey.

Lately, Joey has been anything but complacent. She is focused on completing her goal; which is no small task during the holidays. To help her stay motivated, Joey signed up for her first ever half-marathon to run in January. It is a challenge that Joey knows she will have to continually train for if she is going to cross the finish line of both the race and her weight loss goal.

Follow Joey’s Story to find out how her half marathon goes and if it is the answer to her losing her final 8 pounds.

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