Making the Cut to Become an Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader

The auditions are physically demanding, the process is emotionally draining and the time commitment is life consuming for each of the ladies who compete for a spot to become an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader. It takes personal dedication and intense physical conditioning to obtain a place on the Indianapolis Colts cheerleading team. Colts Cheerleader, Crystal, shares her audition experiences with you, and she offers a first-hand perspective of the physical and mental demands it takes to make the cut.

The tryout process tests your level of commitment as it consumes your life and your time.

“The struggles and challenges making the squad affected all parts of my life,” said Crystal. “The clinics and auditioning were about a two-month process, if not more.”

In addition to the time she spent at the auditions and clinics, Crystal spent countless hours networking with the cheerleaders to learn how she could better prepare herself.

Crystal had another factor that consumed a great deal of her time as well; she had to commute from Ohio to Indianapolis.

“I lived in Ohio, previously to making the team, so travel and gas were tough,” said Crystal. “I traveled a little more than four hours to clinics and auditions every Tuesday, Thursday, and some Saturdays.”

The competition to make it onto the Indianapolis Colts cheer squad is daunting.

“One of the most intimidating aspects of the process was seeing a lot of beautiful and talented girls, and I knew they were there for the same reason I was,” said Crystal. “It’s every girl for herself during auditions, and you need to do everything you can to stand out from the other girls to make the judges remember you.”

Only a fraction of the ladies who tryout to become an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader actually make the team, and Crystal knew that she had to maintain her confidence and poise in order to have a chance to make the Colts cheerleading squad. She had to find ways to stay focused; it was imperative that she did not buckle under the immense pressure.

“I knew that some of my weaknesses were other girls’ strengths, and that challenged me to work harder,” said Crystal. “Mentally, I did whatever I had to do to build my confidence. I told myself that if I did everything possible, and to the best of my ability, that there was no way that I wouldn’t make the squad.”

And of course there are intense physical demands that call for intense preparation even before Crystal stepped foot into her first day of auditions.

“Building up endurance to last through the routines, the workout sessions and our practices, as well as looking great in a two-piece audition outfit or swimsuit was the most physically demanding part of making the squad,” said Crystal. “Being physically fit for the squad is a long process. Getting into the condition you need won’t happen overnight, or even in a couple of days. It takes preparation and a different lifestyle, such as making healthier food choices as well as taking time to work out on your own.”

Crystal kept her promise to herself. She gave everything she had at every audition and clinic, she never stopped believing in herself and she made the Indianapolis Colts cheerleading squad. It is an accomplishment in Crystal’s life that proved to her, and hopefully to you as well, that by committing to a goal and working to achieve it every day comes with great rewards.

You all have goals and dreams, but often it takes a tremendous amount of work to make your dreams come true…Never give up, and always believe in yourself.

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