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How Intense are You? – Understanding Cardio Intensity Levels

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Yes You Can…Lose the Weight You Gained While Pregnant!

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Fight Breast Cancer with Fitness – The Power of Pink

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer found in women in the United States. Since 1990 the number of deaths from breast cancer is steadily declining[i], but there is still more that we need to do in order to defeat this disease.

Let’s give cancer a hard left-hook square in the face! Here is what you can do to help fight breast cancer, and reduce the risks associated with this disease.

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Real Results – Katie and Justin Before…Now…the Future!

Get your Game On with LA Fitness

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Real Stories Next Stop, The Evergreen State

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You’re Getting Warmer, Warmer, Warmer…You’re Hot!

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Sandy’s Triumph – Love and Weight Loss

Her story is a heart-touching tale of the human spirit. Sandy suffered a great loss with the passing of Eddie, her husband and best friend, but their philosophy of living, loving and laughing has endured. Sandy uses the strength from the life they had together to continue to be the best she can be every day. Her journey of weight loss is evidence of her power to overcome life’s obstacles. Please enjoy and share this video about Sandy Aker that is certain to inspire you, your friends and family to LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH.

We are honored to have had the opportunity to meet Sandy and share her Real Story with you, and we will be sure to check in with her to give you updates as she continues her journey. Living Healthy is heading north for our next segment of Real Stories, so be sure to FOLLOW US by signing up for email updates!

No Carb Diet? Think Twice, You Need Carbohydrates to Survive!

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