Summer is less than two months away, and the clock is ticking! If you want to swap out your comfy concealing apparel for more revealing poolside swimwear there is still time to get in shape and look your best!

  1. Set a Realistic Goal – You can’t go from a spare-tire to six-pack in two months… but you can flatten that tire. Remember that weight is only one measurement of many that you can use to recognize your results. Over the next two months aim to drop down a clothing size or two, lose an inch around your waist or drop body fat. Giving yourself more than one way to TRACK YOUR PROGRESS keeps you motivated because you know that you are on the right path and not wasting any precious time.
  2. NO MORE EXCUSES…Start Today! – There is no need to panic…but do not procrastinate for even one more day. Instead of finding any excuse to not workout, do whatever it takes to get into the gym. Don’t worry, even if lately you’ve been on a spring break from exercising, two months is plenty of time to change your physique and tighten things up. The more you have slacked over the past few months the harder you have to work—so get going!
  3. It’s all About the Trifecta…for Fat Loss – To turn your body into the most effective fat-burning machine possible, you have to commit to ALL THREE of the following: weight / resistance training, cardio workouts and healthy eating / drinking habits. For the best results commit to weight / resistance training for at least 20 minutes, three days-a-week. Choose cardio exercises that get you breathing harder and sweating for at least 30 minutes five days-a-week. Make healthy food and drink choices EVERYDAY!
  4. Be more ACTIVE – Examine your day, list all the times that you are inactive and swap them with something active whenever possible. For example, instead of sitting in a cafeteria or restaurant during your lunch hour, take walks or add some extra gym sessions. You could burn approximately 7,800[i] additional calories over the next eight weeks!
  5. Be Happy About Being Healthier – The fact that you are making changes to enhance your health is the greatest benefit…think of looking better in beachwear as the BONUS. We are a world full of different people, shapes and sizes; but we all look better when we are happy, healthy and SMILING! 🙂

For those of you who have been keeping up on your fitness and are coasting along until your first chance to put on your bikini or board shorts, keep up the good work. Don’t forget to lend a word of support and cheer on those of us that are…let’s call it “catching up”!

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[i] Number of calories burned is based on a 154-pound man who is 5’ 10”. People who weigh more will use more calories, and those who weigh less will use fewer calories. See more details.



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