Rule #1 – BE PATIENT!!!

Sorry for “YELLING” but I need you to hear this loud and clear. In fact, I am just as guilty as anyone of wanting to see quick results, and I have to yell this to myself when I am feeling impatient about my progress. It‘s human nature that when you are ready for change you want it to happen “now.” Without exhibiting a little patience, in your quest to lose weight, the next two rules are pointless; that is why the first rule to losing weight is “be patient.” Celebrate the small and big accomplishments, and be proud of yourself for creating a plan to lose weight and sticking to it. Remain positive and I assure you that the results will come…I promise!

So, you have come to the understanding that losing weight is going to take time, and you accept that patience is vital to losing weight successfully, but there are so many opinions and fad diets…what are the facts? This leads us to rule number two.

Rule #2 – Eat less calories than your body burns.

I know what you’re your thinking…I said this was easy, but “how the heck are you supposed to know if you are eating less calories than you are burning?” Although this seems complicated, it really is simple; it just takes a little bit of introspection and self-awareness. Outside of any recent major changes in your daily and weekly life you are probably, like most of us, a creature of habit. This habitual nature has caused you to eat relatively the same amount of calories each week–notice I didn’t say “each day” I am taking into consideration that your weekend habits are likely different from your weekday habits—and weight loss is all about averages over weeks, months and sometimes even years. So ask yourself “during the past few months did I gain, maintain or lose weight?” If you have been gaining weight, even if you feel like you are eating “better,” you are still eating more calories (on average) than you are burning. If you have been the same weight for months, or even years, then you are eating exactly what you burn in terms of calories. If you have lost weight, and that is your intention, you are burning more calories than you consume each day—great job and stay the course until you meet your goal weight!  Some quick tips for those of us stuck in a rut or gaining weight: Keep track of your calories, write down the food you eat AND the total CALORIES.  You need to know how many calories are in your portions of food–and don’t forget to add in those liquid calories from juice, soda, alcoholic beverages etc. –after a week you should have a good idea of what your average is and where you can cut out some additional calories.

Let’s not forget that there is still rule number three…

Rule #3 – Be more active…burn more calories.

We live in a day-and-age where we are sitting and standing in one place for long periods of time. Whether it is at your desk, or behind the wheel of your car commuting to work, school, soccer practice, piano lessons etc., the list is literally endless.  Getting to the local fitness club and adding some solid exercise at least three days a week is important. There are, however, some simple ways to burn more calories with your daily activities, and they really do add-up.

Here are some suggestions:

-Park in the back of the parking lot everywhere you go.

-Take the stairs instead of using the elevator.

-Put on some music when you clean and throw-in a couple of dance moves.

-Add some extra time to your warm-up and cool-down during your work out, not only is this good for your body, it burns more calories too!

-Talk while you walk. Sitting down to talk is nice, but going for a stroll in the park or at the museum to catch-up with friends or family keeps you moving and you can see some great things.

Please comment and share with us the creative ways that you move more to burn extra calories! For more “Top-Tips” sign-up for our email or RSS subscription!



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